0.65mΩ 60V mosfet shrunk for telecom and industry, and an 80V one too

60V SiJH600E and 80V SiJH800E operate up to +175°C and come in the company’s ~8 x 8mm PowerPak 8x8L package, which has no-bondwire construction for board-level reliability and gullwing leads for mechanical stress relief.

On-resistances are typically 0.65mΩ and 1.22mΩ respectively at 10 V. Vishay claims these to be 54% and 52% lower than same-generation devices in the PowerPAK SO-8 package.

“To save board space, each mosfet can be used in place of two PowerPAK SO-8 devices in parallel,” is said. Continuous drain currents are 373 and 288A.

Devices are Pb-free, halogen-free and RoHS-compliant, and 100% Rg and UIS tested.

They are intended for synchronous rectification in power supplies, motor drive control, battery management and power tools.


Part Number Vds ID Rds(on) @10V Rthjc
SiJH600E 60V 373A 0.65mΩ 0.36°C/W
SiJH800E 80 288 1.22 0.36

Package comparison:

Package Length Width Thickness (mm) Area
PowerPAK 8x8L 8.0mm 7.9mm 1.8mm 63.2mm2
D²PAK (TO-263) 15.2 10 4.4 152

Samples of the SiJH600E and SiJH800E are available now.

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