10 Best Liquidation Stores in Edmonton for Best Deals in 2022

With the commercial market place evolving wherein retail sales no longer have their hold over the world of consumers, mainly because consumers who used to depend on retail stores for the products they needed, now find themselves buying from liquidation stores in Edmonton, wholesale outlets, from liquidators in Whole Canada and auction sites because of the prices and the quality of products that are provided by these liquidation stores Edmonton.

Are liquidation stores in Edmonton worth it? 

  • They offer great prices on liquidation goods. 

The liquidation stores Edmonton offers great prices on buying products in wholesale, especially when you stand to save a huge amount of money on the merchandise you purchase. Often, these items tend to include overstocked merchandise that either were not sold or were returned by the customers because of issues like a wrong item or the size did not match the well.

Which is why these products not only in great condition but also, most of the time are in new condition and it is also advised that you check the details of the merchandise available in the liquidation stores in Edmonton before choosing to buy them.

You also save thousands of dollars when you buy in wholesale which means that you make a neat profit and it is also advised to do your own research to understand and analyze the value of the merchandise you purchase and how much will your customers be actually willing to pay for the products that you are about to buy from liquidators in Edmonton.

  • Great customer rapport. 

In such a situation, as a buyer and a seller, customer rapport is advantageous for you because it also allows your customers to see what they are buying and even builds a connection between your customer and you.

  • Liquidators in Edmonton offer a plethora of goods to choose from.

One of the advantages of buying from liquidation stores in Edmonton are that you have a wide variety of merchandise to choose from and at times, they even have items from the same niche. 

Why buy from the liquidation stores in Edmonton?

A well organized and efficient liquidation stores in Edmonton allows new businesses to enter and also reduces the cost of capital. Liquidators in Edmonton make sure that the merchandise is heavily discounted at the end of the liquidation Canada process in order to make sure that the whole stock left in the inventory is sold because there is a belief among retailers that if the old stock is not sold, it proves to be proven performance. These liquidation stores Edmonton offer great deals, especially when you can buy a huge variety of products at a low price. 

So, which are the 10 best liquidation stores in Edmonton?

Whole sale Liquidators

Wholesale Liquidators

At Whole sale liquidators, this liquidation store in Edmonton believes in providing the best quality merchandise at the best price and they are known for their ever changing inventory because their products sell out fast due to the prices and because of the condition of the products. They are in this business for decades and are known to deliver on weekdays.

Being one of the best liquidation stores in Edmonton, the orders are known to arrive within 2 to 8 days if ordered before noon. If the orders are placed on the weekend or a late Friday night, the orders are not processed until Monday and there will be extra charges for priority deliveries.

For online orders, the more you order, the cheaper your shipping cost gets. They ship anywhere in Canada for 15 dollars, and if you are about to order 2 or more products, the shipping rate is known to drop almost by ten percent. This liquidators Edmonton offers returns on any merchandise ordered online if it is completely defective from two weeks of the bought date.


Walmart Canada 

Walmart is quite popular and is known to be a great liquidation store. Being one of the best and most popular sources of liquidation Canada, this store offers a wide variety products at cheap rates and you can buy pallets, lots or trucks of these liquidation merchandise and maximize the profits on these products. There are even auctions held that help you to raise your profit margins exponentially. 

They make great liquidators, especially when they offer such great prices for high quality products that are often sold out within days of being on the shelves. It is also one of the best liquidation Canada stores that you would want to purchase your goods from especially if you are a budding business and need to invest in quality merchandise at low and reasonable prices.

Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Super center

Bianca Amor's Liquidation Super center

This is one of the loved and well known liquidation stores in Edmonton, especially when they provide products at cheap rates. They are well organized and are known to have almost everything in stock, especially when it comes to the merchandise that are in trend. Being one of the best liquidators in Edmonton, they have a variety of stock, and are known to have items in bulk. 

It is advised that you visit Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Super center on a week day and when you have the time to spare, because this liquidation store gets overcrowded on weekends and have a reputation of having large crowds in the center. If you saw a product that you liked, it is suggested that you either buy it then or tell a member of the staff and they will write down your contact details and will give you a call when it comes back in stock.

Amabec Liquidation store

Amabec Liquidation store in Edmonton

This is one of the greatest sources of liquidation Canada and is known to have brands of almost every size. They retail in a number of forms of liquidation merchandise in pallets, truckloads and lots.

This liquidation store gives out a detailed account of the estimated costs and information on the merchandise you are going to buy. The Amabec Liquidation store is known to have a splendid customer support staff and an effective customer service system that will help in solving your queries and answer your questions. 

This store is also one of the biggest wholesalers in liquidation Canada and supply to a number of businesses that include Amazon and Facebook. The Amabec Liquidation store are the owners of their inventory which simply means that if you need a particular product or direct transactions, they will be able to get them for you. They have cheap prices for their products.

VDC Canada

VDC Canada  - Liquidation Stores in Edmonton

One of the most popular liquidation stores in Edmonton, VDC Canada have authentic merchandise that have a highly negotiable price range and they source their goods from genuine and legitimate manufacturers, retailers and distributors. They offer high quality goods and merchandise in pallets and truckloads, often some of the pallets are even available for about 600 dollars. 

Founded in 1996, this liquidation company knows what they are doing and has grown to be one of the best liquidation stores in Edmonton, they even offer the option of clients visiting their inventory warehouses to look at the goods they are purchasing. The merchandise includes products for offices, garden and lawn supplies, perfumes, shoes, electronics and so much more.

Direct liquidation

Direct Liquidation - Liquidation Stores in Edmonton

Being one of the main sources of liquidation Canada, the direct liquidation website is easy to understand and navigate and they have made sure to have a user friendly interface that is aimed towards maximizing customer satisfaction. From refurbished products to ordering a huge number of pallets of merchandise, this is your place.

They are one of the best liquidators in Edmonton and they are your best option if you are new to this market. They offer great and reasonable prices on wholesale orders and even work with small numbers. Direct liquidation has a commendable customer support that ensures the satisfaction of the customer and helps through the dealings in a seamless and efficient manner. 

They are one of the only liquidators in Edmonton who offer a 90 day warranty period for refurbished goods as well. From overcoming problems like the misrepresentation of goods as well as the low quality merchandise to having just a tiny collection of tier two and tier three brands and companies.

They have made a substantial change in the liquidation Canada market and industry. Not only do they offer low prices on their goods but they also maintain relationships with the in demand manufacturers.

Core liquidations

Core Liquidations Stores in Edmonton

Core liquidations is one of the best liquidation stores in Edmonton and while they have a reputation of being a wholesaler, they also accept small orders and their criteria for minimum orders tend to be very low which attracts individual customers as well.

They are extremely budget friendly and their always changing inventory allows them to have a new collection often. There is no dearth of options when it comes to them and they are well known for their professional behavior.

Core liquidations are popular liquidators in Edmonton, especially when they also resell to retailers, flea markets, stores, auction companies, distributors, promotional companies and so many more. They have a great customer support and are known to provide great deals for the available merchandise.

Princess Auto

Princess Auto

Princess Auto is one of the best places to discover inexpensive hardware related products especially surplus goods. Being one of the best liquidation stores in Edmonton that specializes hardware tools and goods, surplus items and even army type goods, they are well known for their big sales and often, they also run out of stock.

They have a huge parking space and the liquidation stores in Edmonton is always organized and clean. The customer support staff as well as the in store staff are known to be kind and helpful, employees who go out of their way to help the customer in need and solving their troubles.

Dots Liquidation store

Dots Store is considered to be one of the best liquidation stores Edmonton, mainly because not only do they have a great collection of products from well known and trendy brands but they offer these products at a low price. They have brands from all over the world that can have the lowest price possible and signing up for their emails help in knowing when their sales are.

They often also send out coupons for users subscribed to their mailing list. It is advised that you spend time in searching when you are inside the Dots store because it will definitely surprise you with the collection, they have in their liquidation stores in Edmonton. 

This liquidation stores in Edmonton has a 14 day exchange policy on clothing and have the most random arrangements which is why it is suggested that you take your time in searching through the merchandise.

Throughout the years, this store has offered great deals and do not restrict themselves to just one particular collection but have an assortment of accessories, clothing, vinyl records, almost everything under the sun and so much more. This is one of the best places to look for bargains and this is exactly what makes them one of the best liquidators in Edmonton.

Robo holdings

Being one of the best liquidators in Edmonton, this liquidation stores Edmonton is popular for their canned and packaged merchandise. They are popular for their food collection and offer the best prices on groceries.

There are times when we find the cans or the packaged groceries that we have taken home to be slightly dented or the labels have worn off or even that the item does not look properly packaged but because of the content in it being completely alright, we no longer bother to return it. Robo Holdings have similar items at reasonable rates which makes them one of the best sources of liquidation Canada. 

From household supplies to cereal to pantry staples to canned goods to dog food and laundry supplies, Robo holdings has it all and more. Being one of the popular liquidation stores in Edmonton, the same stock does not last for long as the owners buy the goods on what is available, which is exactly why if you see something that you like or want, you should purchase it then and there.

Parking is free and the whole warehouse is huge which is why it is suggested that you take your time to look through the products and enjoy your time there. Robo Holdings makes a great liquidation stores Edmonton for the deals they offer.


These were the 10 best liquidation stores in Edmonton that are great at what they do and are known to be professionals. They are known to provide the best deals without compromising on the quality of the merchandise that is on sale. These liquidation stores in Edmonton make sure that they provide the best customer support for their customers and clients, while offering the best collections of goods from almost every brand and in every possible category.

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