10 Best Liquidation Stores in Saskatoon: Have Best Deals 2022

Today, retail stores no longer dominate the shopping culture as they used to earlier. It is because of the evolution of the commercial marketplace and the shopping preferences of people over time. Retail stores nowadays do not much appeal to the common people. This has happened mainly because of the trend of shopping from liquidation stores in saskatoon.

Earlier, people used to depend on retail stores solely for purchasing the products they needed. At that time, there was no place to buy quality products apart from retailers or brand stores.

But now with the emergence of liquidation stores in Canada in the past few years, people have been introduced to a better option where they can not only buy quality products but also at a price much lower than the prevailing market price.

What are Liquidation Stores?

Liquidation is a process that offers businesses the opportunity to quickly sell their leftover assets and products in bulk to liquidators especially, at the time of shutting down or getting rid of seasonable stocks.

This process is very important because, at the time of shutting down, businesses not only get to get rid of their unwanted stocks but also can generate quick cash from them.

With the involvement of liquidators in the entire process, businesses need not worry and invest their time, effort, and money on clearances, bargains, and other such related concerns.

We can say that liquidators help in the smooth dissolution of businesses. Liquidators further put up these stocks for sale in their respective stores Therefore, they also act as a bridge between manufacturers and final consumers.

Just like in the business world, in the consumer world also everyone is on a constant lookout for the best deals and being profitable. Liquidation stores are an innovative concept that allows consumers to do so.

These stores sell branded and high-quality original products at hugely discounted prices, which ultimately, helps consumers to save dollars and make a profit while shopping.

However, with so many options of liquidators available in the market, comes the risk of fraud ones. Just like every other industry, even some liquidators sell cheap-quality products behind the ‘Premium Quality’ tag. In this article, we will be helping with our top picks for such stores.

Why buy from the liquidation stores in Saskatoon?

Liquidation stores in the area are all well-organized and efficient. They have contracts with big companies, businesses, and brands. They make sure to do quality checks before putting products for sale. Also, they ensure that merchandise is heavily discounted at the end of the liquidation process.

These liquidation stores Canada especially, the ones in Saskatoon offer great deals. You get to choose from a plethora of products from a wide variety of categories at a low price. So, with all these said,

let’s take you to the 10 best liquidation stores in Saskatoon.

Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Supercenter

Bianca Amor's Liquidation Supercenter-liquidation saskatoon

With more than 20 years of experience in the liquidation business, Bianca Amor’s is one of the most reliable and largest liquidators in Canada. Bianca Amor’s has got its chain of stores located all across the country.

Whether it’s Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, one can find and go shopping at Bianca Amor’s in all these locations. This store branch is located at 2333 Ave C North, Saskatoon.

We are sure that Bianca Amor’s would be the perfect store for your super savings. We say so because you can get 50% to even 90% discount on high-quality products.

They offer a wide range of product categories at their dispense to choose from, which include housewares, kitchenware, toys, health & fitness, art, food, tools, electronics, home décor, and many more.

It’s not always possible to keep visiting a store to keep track of products, events, deals, etc. At Bianca Amor’s, you get the option to subscribe to the mailing list through which you can get daily deals.

New arrivals, and other latest updates delivered straight to your inbox. Also, the company is very active on YouTube and other social handles. You can subscribe to them to stay updated with daily deals.

International Furniture Wholesalers

International Furniture Wholesalers-liquidation saskatoon

Although this store does not tick all boxes when it comes to offering a wide range of product categories, still it is one of the most reliable and renowned liquidation stores in Saskatoon. As the name suggests, International Furniture.

Wholesalers is one of the best options out there in the area for furniture-related items. Mattresses, sofas, recliners, pillows, beds, chairs, tables, fire pits, accessories, are a just few product examples, to begin with.

Quality, style, comfort, or value, whatever be your concern while shopping, this company has got it all covered. Besides furniture-related material, you can also find items like bars, mirrors, sculptures, lamps, heaters, home décor, and many more.

We would suggest you signup for their newsletter using your email to receive the latest offers, sales, products, and web-only specials.

If you are a brand freak, this would be the ideal destination for you because here, you can shop by brand categories. The company offers the best deals on over 85+ branded products. Some of the major brands that you can find include, America, Acme, Ashley, Bellini, Coaster, Crown Mark, Decor-Rest, England, Hooker, King Koil, Legends, Pioneer, and many more.

The Brick

The Brick-liquidation saskatoon

The next entry on our list is The Brick store, which is one of the most popular and reliable liquidation stores in saskatoon. The Brick started in 1971 as a single furniture store and today. It is a recurring recommendation in every warehouse list. Because of its high-quality products, pocket-friendly pricing, and plenty number of amazing customer services.

At The Brick, you get to enjoy amazing customer services offered, which include warranties, protection plans, repairs, returns & exchanges, delivery tracking facility, recycling, and many more. The company’s deals in selling liquidation products of categories including Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances, Electronics, and Home Décor.

The company is best known for offering one of the most flexible and friendly financing facilities. In its financing scheme, you can make big purchases without even paying a single dollar.

You can repay the amount later in 60 months in small installments, that too, without even paying any interest. The Brick has multiple stores located all across Canada and this branch is located at  2035 1st Ave N, Saskatoon.

In addition, the company has great community involvement and keeps doing children’s charities, recycle programs, proudly Canadian programs, donations, and other events throughout the year. You can subscribe to their mailing list to get updates about such events and, also, about hot deals, daily arrivals, sales, etc.

Best Buy

Best Buy

Located at 3310 8 St E Unit 20A, Saskatoon Best Buy is one of the best wholesale stores in the area where you can find great quality products at low prices especially, tech & electronic related items.

If you want help in setting up your devices, arranging a repair, facing problems, having questions, or any other kind of tech assistance, you can anytime find a solution for your problems by Geek Squad Agent in-store, who are a team of tech experts.

The best part is that the company offers a low-price guarantee to all its customers. In this scheme, if you find a lower price of any purchased item elsewhere within 30 days. you’ll get a refund of the difference from the company. Other services that make them one of the best liquidators in Canada include best-buy check-in, battery & electronics recycling, trade-in program, and more.

Best Buy offers a curbside pickup facility to its customers in which they can make purchases and pay for those items online. Later, upon receiving a pickup email, customers can then verify their order and safely pick up their order from the store. You can also make returns or exchanges of products purchased online or in-store at any Best Buy store.

Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore has a chain of stores spread all across the country that offers a variety of high-quality branded products at cheap prices. The company offers a variety of high-quality products from a wide range of categories, which include furniture, accents, mattresses, home décor, office décor, storage, and more.

Their store remains open for 12 hours i.e., 9 am – 9 pm from Monday – Friday. Further, you can visit the store between 9 am – 6 pm on Saturday and between 11 am – 6 pm on Sunday.

Sofas, tables, chairs, recliners, accessories, mattresses, pillows, sculptures, frames, etc. are just a handful of items that one can find at Ashley’s.

We would suggest you visit their online portal and update your postal code there to see whether the product you’re looking for is there or not. Also, you’ll be able to see all the pricing of the product. Hence, you can easily decide whether you need to go to their store or not.

Whether you want to visit the store, call your local sales associate, connect on Live Chat, or book an appointment, the choice is all yours of how you want to shop products from them. Also, they’ve got a newsletter facility through which you can sign up with your mail and stay updated with the latest promotions, products, news, deals, etc.

End Of The Roll – Saskatoon

End Of The Roll – Saskatoon

At End of the Roll offers a wide variety of branded flooring-related items at the base affordable prices. We would ask you to visit their large showroom, rather than going through the products online because their store has got a great selection of inventory in stock.

They have been in this industry for quite a few years now and, it is their quality products & services offered to customers, which has made them so successful.

Whether you want flooring products for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, basement, den, gym, hallways, or stairs, you can buy them all at End of the Roll store.

As it is an independently owned and operated company, the inventory selection might differ from one store to another. Therefore, for a positive shopping experience, it would be preferable to directly visit their store.

You can get in touch directly with their professionals by filling up the ‘Contact Us’ form available on their site. All you need to do is just provide them with basic info like name email, postal code, and most importantly, the purpose for filling it.

Premium Label Liquidation Saskatoon

Premium Label Liquidation Saskatoon

If you are looking for liquidation stores in Canada to buy branded products such as clothing, footwear, and accessories at a 30% – &70% discount, then your search ends here. Be it men, women, or kids, you’ll find the best quality liquated products at cheap prices.

The best part is that Premium Label offers its customers to choose from more than 50 brands. Levi’s Fox, Adidas, Vans, DC, GShock, Roxy, Ride, Keds, Hex, etc. are just a few of the popular brands whose products you will be able to buy at the store.

You also get to join their join their mailing list through which you will get updates on the latest deals, products, events, and even a chance to win merchandise every month.

Sask Liquidation Lighting

Sask Liquidation

And lastly, we’ve got Sask Liquidation Lighting on our list. As the name suggests, this is a store exclusively for those who are looking for lighting-related products.

We have included this company on our list because we’ve already mentioned multiple all-in-ones as well furniture-related liquidated stores.

So, we thought that it would be very helpful for you to know about liquidators in Canada, where you’ll be able to find quality lighting products for all your needs at hugely discounted prices.

You can visit the store at 111 9 St N, Martensville in the province of Saskatchewan. They’ve friendly staff and also have a 15-day return policy. SK As soon as you visit their site and sign up using your email, you’ll instantly get 20% off on your order.

Jupiter and Oaks Consignment

Jupiter and Oaks Consignment

Next up on our list, we have Jupiter and Oaks Consignment located at 2642 Millar Ave, Saskatoon. If buying second-hand products is not of much concern to you, you can definitely go to this store.

The company also has partnerships with big retailers, vendors, and companies to offer their customers high-quality products. One thing that we are sure about is that you’ll be able to find the best products for all your needs at extremely low prices like nowhere.

If you are looking for a wide variety of product options, then probably you need not look any further. At Jupiter and Oaks Consignment, you can find affordable product options for categories including clothing, furniture, home décor, decorative items, statues, kitchenware, and many more.

In addition, it is an ideal store for all fashion enthusiasts as they have got extraordinary options to offer such as jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, jackets, blazers, footwear, vintage apparel, and many more.

You can visit the store any day Tuesday – Saturday between 10 am to 5 pm. The store is closed on Sunday, Monday, and all other statutory holiday weekends. We would also suggest you sign up and subscribe to their mailing list. By doing this, you’ll get access to see all the special offers, new arrivals, announcements, hot deals, etc.

Saskatoon Liquidation Centre

We are starting this list with Saskatoon liquidation, which is a family-owned business that has been serving people in Saskatoon and in nearby areas to buy the best quality products at cheap prices.

The store cares for its customer and hence, have brought this small-town charm online for a convenient shopping experience. In case of any questions, you can simply visit their online site and fill in the support form to reach out to their experts.

The best part is that new items arrive at the store daily and hence, you won’t have to find the same old products. You‘ll find great deals on all of them. Hence, you’ll get a new shopping experience every time you visit their store.

You can visit the store on any day between Monday-Saturday from 10 am-6 pm and, on Sunday, the store closes one hour before the original closing time. Also, you can signup for their newsletter using your email to get the latest updates on products, deals, etc.

Apart from amazing deals on products, one more than that’ll surely impress you is their super friendly and cooperative staff. Altogether, we are confident that once you go shopping at Liquidation stores in saskatoon Centre, you’ll definitely feel like going back again!


Above, we have covered all the top and reliable recommendations when it comes to choosing the best liquidation store in Saskatoon. Hopefully, these afore-mentioned recommendations would help you get some amazing deals on the best quality products and save hundreds of dollars.

Before ending this article, we would like to remind you to bookmark this list for future references. If you want to get recommendations for other locations in Canada.

you can definitely check out our other articles, and do stay tuned to our space for more such amazing lists. Feel free to drop your suggestions, personal picks, recommendations, and go-to Liquidation stores in saskatoon.

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