15 Items to Pack for Your Next Paris Trip

When the world can feel especially gloomy, we need an escape. For me, fashion and travel have always been a way to take my mind off the state of the world, even if it’s only for a moment. And while I’m not personally planning to board a plane anytime soon, I can’t stop fantasizing about one place in particular: Paris. As cliché as it sounds, it’s one of my favorite places globally because of the art, language, culture, food, and of course, fashion. Parisian fashion does get a lot of hype—there are entire parts of the zeitgeist dedicated to chronicling French fashion in articles and even television shows (think: Emily in Paris). But once you’ve been to Paris, you get it. French women’s style always has that je ne sais quoi. It’s only fair then that you want to dress well if you choose to travel to Paris. You want to embody chic rather than give off ringard energy. So, in that vein, I scoured through the Instagrams of stylish women to highlight the 15 key pieces french women wear time and time again that are perfect for packing for a trip.

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