17 Best Barrettes for Every Hair Type

When it comes to one of my go-to lazy hairstyling hacks, I usually just reach for a headband. Days-old hair? No problem. If it has a thick band, it hides any grease. (I know—I’m gross.) And since I’m not so great at curling or adding waves to my hair, it takes me a long time when I attempt it. So if I’m super short on time or really don’t feel like going through the whole styling process, I just add some dry shampoo or a volumizing spray to add some body and plop a headband on, and I’m all set. It’s so easy.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about changing up my go-to lazy look and venturing into other hair accessories. I don’t want to be a one-trick pony, after all. That’s when I realized barrettes could have the same styling power as a headband. And I don’t know about you, but the last time I wore a barrette might have been in grade school. So it has some nostalgic value.

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