20 Chic Jeans-and-Heels Outfits to Wear in 2022

Jeans and heels are about as classic an outfit as it comes. Denim, being one of the most versatile wardrobe staples to exist, can just as easily be worn to a fancy dinner party as it can to run errands, while heels help to add a little oomph to any look. But we’ll admit, sometimes the term “jeans and heels” can sound a little, well, basic.

However, with today’s many trending jean silhouettes and heels styles, the outfit possibilities are pretty endless, going far beyond classic blue jeans and pumps. Whether you opt for baggy bootcut jeans and pointy slingbacks or pair a flared style with towering platforms, jeans and heels can look just as polished or cool as any other of today’s trends.

In need of some inspiration for how to wear jeans and heels? Ahead, we scoured the feeds of our favorite fashion girls to see how they’re doing it—and trust us, these outfits are anything but basic. Keep scrolling for 20 looks you’ll want to copy ASAP and, of course, where to shop each item.

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