2022 Fashion Trends Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Love

As someone who’s been a royal family obsessee for quite some time—I’m anxiously waiting for the next season of The Crown—I’m no stranger to the impact they have on the fashion scene. From Princess Diana’s sheep sweater going viral a whole decade after she wore it and Meghan Markle wearing full Givenchy at her wedding, there are plenty of royal fashion moments to love. But in the spirit of looking towards 2022 fashion, I decided to take a deep dive into the internet archive of Diana’s looks and Kate Middleton’s recent outfits and spot which predicted 2022 trends both have happily championed. 

I was surprised to find so many similarities amongst the two since their styles are seemingly different, but that just proves at how versatile the trends below can me. So whether you prefer to keep things more polished like Kate or want to don a revenge dress like Diana, the world of 2022 trends is your oyster. Keep scrolling to see the trends worn on the royal duo, the runway, and how to shop them from your favorite retailers.

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