21 of the Best Camping Blogs to Follow

We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite camping blogs for every type of camping!

Whether you’re looking for gear advice, camping tips, recipes, or trip planning hints, we know that one of these websites will provide what you’re looking for.

So, without further ado, here are 21 of the best camping blogs to follow in 2021.

Our Favorite Tent Camping Blogs

Glamping Tent At Night

Let’s start our list with camping blogs that focus primarily on tent camping adventures.

1. Beyond The Tent

Beyond The Tent

Of course, Beyond the Tent tops our list as our favorite camping blog!

Beyond the Tent is a family camping blog focused on anyone looking to get outdoors, although much of the content is aimed towards beginners.

Ryan’s passion for family definitely shines through in the posts (and pictures) to show how to balance a busy family life with getting outdoors.

Beyond the Tent also provides lots of camping recipes, broken down step-by-step, to satisfy campers of any all ages. The Best Make-Ahead Camping Meals to Feed Your Whole Family is a reader favorite!

Don’t forget to check out the gear guides and reviews. The Best Tent Heaters for Winter Camping and How to Choose the Best Portable Power for Camping are two posts that shouldn’t be missed.

Extremely thorough location guides, such as The Complete Camper’s Guide to Olympic National Park, are also available to help you plan your next trip.

Our Favorite Posts from Beyond the Tent:

2. Fresh Off the Grid

Fresh off the grid camping blog

Fresh Off the Grid isn’t your ordinary old camping blog.

Instead, it focuses in on camping food by providing the best camping meals for camping foodies!

Rather than run-of-the-mill camping recipes like hot dogs and baked beans, Fresh Off the Grid features recipes that are diet specific (vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc), utensil and gear specific (grilling, one pot, dutch oven, etc), and organized by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc).

Finding a recipe you like will be a piece of cake…mmm cake!

Our Favorite Posts from Fresh Off the Grid:

  • Pumpkin Spice Pancakes – Even campers have to admit that they go #basic #PSL sometimes, and we all gotta eat!

3. Bearfoot Theory

Barefoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is a camping blog that has a bit of a ‘hippy’ vibe (hence, bare feet?).

Not only does this blog cover tent camping, but it also dives deep into hiking, backpacking, and specific travel destinations.

Thinking of a solo road trip?

Kristen and team break down everything you need to know before traveling and camping across the country by yourself!

Bearfoot Theory goes particularly in-depth on van camping. Check out their van life road map for step-by-step instructions on starting your van life journey.

Our Favorite Posts from Bearfoot Theory:

4. Glamping.com


Glamping (short for glamour camping) is a somewhat new trend that mixes the rugged outdoors with luxurious accommodations.

Often these glamping luxuries include a bed (eek! Is it still real camping then?), meals cooked for you, and sometimes even electricity.

Glamping.com is one of the best websites to find glamping destinations near you.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

“Why not just stay in a hotel if you want all these luxuries?”

The answer is simple: nature. A hotel cannot give you the up-close-and-personal experience with the great outdoors that glamping can.

Glamping.com has countless reviews of glamping sites around the world as well as an informative glamping blog with tips, tricks, and hacks.

Our Favorite Posts from Glamping.com:

Our Favorite RV Camping Blogs

RV Blogs

We love RVing just as much as tent camping (check out our guide to full-time RV living for proof!). Here are some of our favorite RV blogs to follow.

5. Ardent Camper

Ardent Camper RV Blog

Ardent Camper is an RVing blog that was started some years back by a couple that made the decision to quit their jobs and generate income on the open road while they traveled the country.

Although the blog is no longer active (Ardent Camper ended up selling their RV in 2018), it remains one of our favorite resources on all things RV camping.

It explains in simple terms the lessons learned from downsizing and learning to live a more minimalistic lifestyle.

The countless RV tips, how-to’s, and travel suggestions, and life lessons still ring true today.

Our Favorite Posts from Ardent Camper:

6. Crazy Family Adventure Blog

Crazy Family Adventure RV Blog

The Crazy Family Adventure Blog will inspire the moms and dads out there to live their dream of RV life and not let any excuses hold them back – like children.

These high school sweethearts, their 4 children, and 2 fur babies lived the typical suburban life before they decided to take the plunge into RV life to focus on spending more time together and staying in the moment.

They now chronicle their journeys (like a badass Baja camping trip!) through this amazing RV blog.

Did we mention their rockin’ podcast that lays out exactly how they came to the place in life they are in now?

Our Favorite Posts from the Crazy Family Adventure Blog:

7. Weekend RV Adventures

RV Adventure Blog

One of the best RV blogs for mechanical RV tips, Weekend RV Adventures is sure to get you driving on the road to success and freedom.

In a bind and run out of sewer storage? Don’t let yourself sink in shit and create a DIY RV Sewer Hose Storage instead!

Or perhaps you’re looking how to save money while towing your camper?

Maybe you’re brand-new to the RV life and need basic tips on towing your RV as a new RV owner.

Whatever info you’re looking for, you can rest assured that Weekend RV Adventures has your back.

Our Favorite Posts from Weekend RV Adventures:

8. My Camper Friend

RV Blog Website

My Camper Friend will quickly become your best RV camping blog friend when diving deep into what they have to offer.

Aside from helpful product reviews, this blog offers up an RV gear list of over 400 items that most campers need.

Along with that, we are talking CHECKLISTS that list more than 400 items!

They even have a checklist for people looking to purchase an RV for the very first time! It can’t get any easier than that!

I wonder if there is a spot on the checklist to “double check the checklist”?

Our Favorite Posts from My Camper Friend:

  • Owning an RV First Time – Filled with checklists and guides to help you hit the road in your brand-new RV or trailer.

9. Winnebago Life

Winnebago Life RV Blog

Winnebago Life is your source for all things, well, Winnebago!

Their RV camping blog is super informative with comprehensive information on RV storage, cleanliness, and maintenance.

They even have a travel section that documents real journeys to destinations like national parks, Disneyland, and more.

Finally, they have an extensive gear review section where you can find gear reviews from real RVers just like you.

Our Favorite Posts from Winnebago Life:

10. Cheap RV Living

Cheap RV Living Blog

Cheap RV Living has been around seemingly forever.

And, in 2021, this RV camping website is just as helpful and entertaining as ever before.

The goal of the blog is in the name. Cheap RV Living is around to help you live in your RV for as little as possible.

Ever heard of workamping?

This site breaks down how to work while camping to generate an income to stay on the road even longer.

Cheap RV Living also has an awesome YouTube channel that I urge you all to check out!

Our Favorite Posts from Cheap RV Living:

  • How to Stay in Touch – Probably the toughest part of choosing RV life is lost connections. These tips help ensure that doesn’t happen!

11. We’re the Russos

We're the Russos camping blog

We’re the Russos has long been one of our favorite RV living blogs to check out.

In addition to tips, tricks, and how-to guides, Joe and Kait (the couple behind the blog) share personal details and anecdotes from their travels across the country.

Perhaps most interesting is when they dive deep into what exactly made them transition into the nomadic lifestyle in the first place.

If you’re thinking about making the move to full-time RV living, then this blog is for you!

Our Favorite Posts from We’re the Russos:

Our Favorite Van Camping Blogs

Van Camping at Night

Van life (#vanlife) is all the rage these days. And, although van camping is a little too crowded for our large family, it’s an awesome choice for solo campers, couples, and smaller families!

12. Parked in Paradise

Parked in Paradise

Parked in Paradise is possible the best van camping blog online in 2021.

We love that this website is so comprehensive. It breaks down the topic of van life into easily digestible bite size pieces that are loaded with information.

For example, their van life guide is second to none. It dives deep into everything you need to know for your van conversion.

Parked in Paradise doesn’t limit themselves to just van camping. They have in-depth resources for tent camping and RV camping as well.

Our Favorite Posts from Parked in Paradise:

13. Gnomad Home

Gnomad Home van camping blog

Gnomad Home is great because it’s not just the same old van camping tips rehashed in a new way.

Instead, it combines actionable van life tips with the real life experiences of the website’s owners, John and Jayme.

This makes Gnomad Home just as interesting and entertaining to read as it is informative.

Just like Parked in Paradise, Gnomad Home has super extensive resources on van builds, including all the tips you’d ever need for installing a solar setup.

Our Favorite Posts from Gnomad Home:

  • Vanlife with Dogs – Don’t leave your best friend behind. This post describes how to live the van life with your dog, whether you’re going full-time or just taking a road trip.
  • Van Life and Mental Health – Living in a van full-time is amazing, but it can also be draining and even downright depressing. This post shows you how to deal with depression and anxiety on the road, stay connected with loved ones, and maintain your mental health.

14. The Mandagies

The Mandagies camping website

We like The Mandagies thanks in large part to the incredible photos on their blog.

Instead of focusing solely on camping, this website is more of an outdoor travel blog that takes a peek into all of the couple’s adventures.

The majority of the blog’s content focuses on the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California in addition to British Columbia.

Like most camping blogs in 2021, a portion of the site is dedicated to in-depth gear reviews and buyer’s guides.

Our Favorite Posts from The Mandagies:

Our Favorite Backpacking Blogs

Backpacking In The Mountains

There is something pure about backpacking. It forces you to strip down all of the unnecessaries and focus on you, nature and your company while making do with as little as possible.

15. Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Backpacking Blog

Brian’s Backpacking Blog has long been one of our favorite backpacking blogs.

Brian is a hardcore backpacking professional who originally reigns from the U.K. but now has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years.

His passion for backpacking is what makes his blog so special. It’s packed with helpful tips for backpackers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Brian’s Backpacking Blog also has countless reviews of backpacking products – products that he’s actually tested himself.

Our Favorite Posts from Brian’s Backpacking Blog:

  • How do You Pass the Time on Long Nights? – Nights can get long, cold, and lonely and we all know from the TV survivalist shows that loneliness takes a toll on our mentalities. What would you do to stay sane?

16. The Broke Backpacker

Broke Backpacker Blog

The Broke Backpacker is a little different than other camping blogs on this list.

Rather than camping backpacking (hiking into campsites), it focuses more on traveling the world with a backpack.

Yet, we’ve decided to include it on our list anyways, largely because many of the posts focus on actual backpacking (hiking into campsites) on a budget.

Well known as the $10 a day travel man, The Broker Backpacker has taken things to the extreme when it comes to rationing money.

He’s spent months developing the Ditch Your Desk training course to help you realize your passion for backpacking and traveling the world.

Our Favorite Posts from The Broke Backpacker:

  • Travel Banking 101 – Don’t forget to keep in mind that currency in other countries is different than in the U.S. and you need to budget correctly.

Our Favorite Hiking Blogs

Hiking In Glacier

Hiking goes hand in hand with camping (in our opinion). So, we wanted to include a few of our favorite hiking blogs to get you started!

17. Happiest Outdoors

21 Of The Best Camping Blogs to Follow in 2022 1

Happiest Outdoors is a super useful hiking blog with lots of actionable tips.

Taryn, the owner, has hiked all around the world in countless climates as well as in both very hot weather and very cold weather.

Her blog doesn’t just talk about hiking, however. She also dives deep into backpacking, snowshoeing, and other outdoor adventures.

Our Favorite Posts from Happiest Outdoors:

18. Trail Maiden

Hiking Blog

Trail Maiden was created by a passionate woman who has a wealth of knowledge in hiking and backpacking.

Her blog became her means to show the world what she knows so that more people can experience her love of these outdoor activities.

Trail Maiden has countless useful posts about getting out onto the trail, having fun, and staying safe.

Our Favorite Posts from Trail Maiden:

  • Easy Backpacking Meals – Still think that freeze-dried food is unhealthy? Think again. These backpacking meals are easy to make and delicious!

19. Miss Adventure Pants

Hiking Blog

Miss Adventure Pants is a connoisseur of everything fitness and hiking.

She knows that it takes great endurance and strength to fight the many obstacles that can come your way during a hike.

From finding the best heart rate monitor to training for high altitude hiking, she’s got you covered.

This top-notch hiking blog brings the perfect mix of healthy living and adventure to the table.

Our Favorite Posts from Miss Adventure Pants:

20. Clever Hiker

Clever Hiker Blog

It doesn’t take long to realize that Clever Hiker was created by professional hikers.

Annie and Dave out-do themselves with their advice, gear reviews, and helpful guides to world-class hiking destinations such as Torres Del Paine, Mt. St. Helens, and the Amethyst Basin.

Despite the name, Clever Hiker is also one of the best camping blogs around with in-depth gear guides, individual product reviews, and much more.

Our Favorite Posts from Clever Hiker:

21. The Hiking Life

Hiking Life Blog

Cam, the owner of The Hiking Life, was called “the most traveled hiker on Earth” by Backpacker Magazine in 2015.

We like this hiking blog because it cuts straight to the point.

It breaks down the best hikes by area, reviews the top gear that you need, and gives tips on every little hiking skill you can imagine.

Although it covers hiking from pretty much every angle, The Hiking Life has extensive resources on thru-hiking and ultralight hiking.

Our Favorite Posts from The Hiking Life:

  • Going Light – If you don’t want anything weighing you down, this guide to ultralight hiking and backpacking is for you.
  • Guided or Independent? – This post breaks down the pros and cons of a guided hiking trip versus hitting the trails on your own.

What’s Your Favorite Camping Blog?

Camping at Night

So there you have it.

Here are 21 of the best camping blogs to follow in 2021 for camping tips, gear reviews, and so much more.

Which blog do you like best? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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