27 Cheap Thrills That Are Jolting Me Out of a Winter Slump

It’s dreary outside, how can I still look cute? This thought has been running through my head a little extra lately. And if you’re feeling the same, then you might just want to take a look at the skincare, accessories, and fashion staples I’ve compiled here to help make the most depressing time of the year a little more tolerable.

Okay, so the holidays are done and everything feels a bit… bleh. It’s freezing outside and it feels like winter is just getting into full swing. Not to mention, it feels like we might never leave this pandemic behind. The months after the holidays are notoriously some of the most difficult days of the year, so I’m turning my attention to how I can draw inspiration into my wardrobe. What are some bits of self-care that I can incorporate into my routine that lightens the load?

Below, I am going to include some of the brightest bits of what can often be the darkest winter months. From my favorite outfits that are able to keep me warm but also provide some color and life, to my favorite skincare products that are my go-to for pamper days, to accessories that make these months of the year a little bit more tolerable.

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