29 On-Trend Pieces Fashion Beginners Should Buy Right Now

Even as a fashion editor, I find myself only being able to admire certain trends from a distance. Low-rise jeansMiniskirts minus an additional four inches? Bare-it-all ultra-cropped cardigans? Some trends do admittedly reach the ultimate extremes, and while I can see how that could deter a fashion beginner, I’m here to tell you there are millions of ways around them without sacrificing style.

The truth is that there is some iteration of most trends out there for everyone—whether it means swapping a colorful, print-filled palette for something more neutral, trading delicate fabrics for everyday options, or minimizing the cutouts. There’s a little digging required, though, and brands that tend to lean on more classic styles with a trendy twist, such as Mango and Everlane, are among the best places to start. 

In case you’d like someone to just lay it all out for you (work smarter, not harder), I’ve done just that. Just scroll through for the laundry list of styles I think are just as trend-forward as they are easy to wear. I think you’d agree.

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