3.6GHz handheld spectrum analyser

“The series has a very low -160dBm DANL which allows accurate low-noise measurements of even very weak signals,” according to Saelig. “An optional tracking generator can sweep over 100kHz to 3.6GHz.”

EMI pre-compliance testing with a EMI filter and peak detector is built-in, and results are available using the supporting software provided – more than 200 EMC test standards and regulations are included, said Saelig.

A pass-fail function is available for quick assessment of whether a signal meets previously established criteria.

Tasks that can be accomplished include standard modulation signal quality analysis, audio demodulation, field strength measurements, channel measurements and frequency counting.

Waterfall plots show the behaviour of varying signal parameters (such as intermittent signals) over time.

An external GPS antenna allows measurements to be time or location identified.

The 8inch 1,024 x 768 IPS (wide angle) LCD touchscreen has a built-in light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, and full sunlight operation is claimed.

Ports include: USB host, USB device, LAN and earphone.

The li-ion battery can operate for up to six hours – the 265 x 190 x 58mm units weigh 2.5kg with the battery.

Acsssories include a  hand-strap for field use and non-slip silicone buffers for shock protection.

Model Range RBW Tracking gen
HSA1016 9kHz – 1.6GHz 10Hz – 3MHz no
HSA1016TG 9kHz – 1.6GHz 10Hz – 3MHz yes
HSA1036 9kHz – 3.6GHz 10Hz – 3MHz no
HSA1036TG 9kHz – 3.6GHz 10Hz – 3MHz yes

Typical phase noise is -82dBc/Hz @1GHz and offset at 10kHz

Saelig’s product page for the top end HSA1036TG can be found here

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