30 New Arrivals We’re Eagerly Shopping

Nothing quite entices me like a fresh batch of new arrivals. I’m not sure if it’s the visual stimulation of seeing something new or the thrill of fantasizing about future outfits, but scouring through the latest wave of SKUs on the internet is my favorite pastime. And admittedly, my wardrobe could use a lot of shiny, new things right now. I have a habit of wearing pieces to their literal last threads (hey, it’s more sustainable!), and this month alone, I’ve had to say goodbye to a bunch of old staples I’ve been wearing ad nauseam. They were good while they lasted, but now, I can truly justify going through my wish list beyond the checkout page. 

The new arrivals below are equal parts trendy, versatile, and wearable. Some include unique, punchy colors that make them statement makers rather than streamlined staples, but there’s absolutely no reason why they still can’t be a part of your everyday outfit formula. Keep scrolling to see the full lineup of my top shopping recs. Just a heads up: I’ve eagerly bought a few of them myself. 

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