30 Nordstrom, Reformation, and Mango Items We’re Eyeing RN

Although March can still be a bit chilly, when I think of it I think of spring. Blossoming, beautiful spring. And now that it’s officially March, I’m very tempted to buy some clothes that suit the new season. A very good place to start is with Nordstrom, Reformation, and Mango, all of which have really been bolstering their spring collections in recent weeks.

I’ve naturally been keeping track of all of these spring arrivals, and I made a list for you of my top ten items from these three retailers. I may not be able to order them all, but by the time March ends, I hope to have added some of these to my wardrobe. 

Truth be told, March can be kind of a tricky month to dress for, as our minds are in spring but mother nature often tells us it’s still winter. I try to strike a balance when choosing items, prioritizing things that look spring-friendly but will at least keep me a little bit warm. Even better if I can get away with wearing these items in the summer.

With that, scroll on to shop 30 chic things I’m considering from Nordstrom, Reformation, and Mango this month.

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