32 Nordstrom Sale Shopping Finds I’m Recommending

Being the shopping-obsessed person that I am, I am accustomed to shopping for hours on end and coming home with nothing (I get it from my mom). So when I was browsing Nordstrom’s sale section, I really was just happy to be there and did not expect to find what awaits you below. I already know the soundtrack behind this article will include a lot of “ooh’s and “ahhhh”s, because that was me after discovering some of these finds, so go make some tea and get comfortable because, honey, I have some things to show you! I’ve collected everything from a Blumarine-esque denim skirt to the most elegant leather dress that I can picture some of WWW editors wearing at fashion week, and epic buckled heels that give MiuMiu a run for its money. What’s more, now’s a great time to invest in winter upgrades to your closet while a lot of them are heavily discounted. 

Keep scrolling to find everything I either want or currently have in my Nordstrom cart—I hope you like a little competition because these special finds won’t last for long! Start your engines…

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