36 Spring Arrivals From Zara That We’re Freaking Out About

Anyone who knows me knows all about my Zara obsession. I’m talking app-stalking, store-stalking, and, most often, new arrivals–stalking, and on a twice- to thrice-a-week basis no less. So naturally, when a fresh batch of pieces makes its way onto Zara.com, I’m one of the first to devour it. And now, I’m sharing the wealth. 

After spending what felt like hours (of bliss) scouring every corner of Zara’s new-in section, I can say without an ounce of doubt that this year’s spring selection is a step above the rest. From expensive-looking faux leathers to saturated colorways like chartreuse and cerulean, the team at Zara clearly wasn’t messing around when they brought this season’s selection to life.

Keep scrolling to find out which finds I’m, well, freaking out about. 

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