4 Spring Items to Wear With Jeans and Leggings

If you were to list items in your wardrobe that you’d consider true staples, there’s a strong chance jeans and leggings would be included in the mix. Yep, you just can’t deny the versatility of these A+ basics. Sure, you may have a few items you typically wear with your jeans and leggings, but if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration as we head into spring, the below info is for you.

After going through the feeds of some of my favorite fashion follows that also consistently post denim and legging outfits, it became evident that there are actually four specific spring items that stood out as being go-to’s for many. Yes, I’m talking simple pieces that pair flawlessly with both jeans (of all types) and leggings (trendy split-hem picks included). Keep scrolling for a range of inspiration. 

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