45 New Shopbop Fashion Staples to Elevate Your Closet

There are a few key stores I turn to on the regular when I’m either shopping for myself or am on a mission to uncover fresh pieces to recommend to you, dear readers. Yes, Shopbop happens to be one of the retailers in question. 

While I’ll often scroll through a variety of sections on the site to find A+ gems, it’s the new arrivals that routinely pique my interest each week. On that note, I bookmarked a smattering of items that I just had to share with you. The pieces could basically be defined as “staples” because they’re versatile and could work with many items in your existing wardrobe. I think their easy, forward, and chic nature just makes them so dang satisfying.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for my current Shopbop edit. 

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