5 Best Backlit Keyboards under $50 in 2021

Most modern computers and laptops come with cool backlit keyboards. Other than their stunning appearances, illuminated keyboards play a key role as well. These keyboards make it easier to work uninterrupted irrespective of the room’s lighting conditions.

The lights aren’t obtrusive in well-lit settings, however, in dim rooms or at night, the keys illuminate so you won’t have difficulty working throughout the night. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading from a traditional keyboard, you should definitely get yourself an illuminated keyboard.

Moreover, the good news is that with quick research beforehand, you can get yourself an affordable backlit keyboard without any comprises on its functionality or quality. Luckily, you won’t have to do much on your part. This article will serve as a guide to help you find the best backlit keyboard under $50. Let’s get started!

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys…

Rii Three Colors Backlit Business Keyboard,Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo,USB Wired Keyboard,RGB…

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical…

Best Overall

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys…

Runner Up

Rii Three Colors Backlit Business Keyboard,Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo,USB Wired Keyboard,RGB…

Best Budget

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical…

Best Backlit Keyboard under $50 Reviews

After reviewing over 20 products, we’ve finally come up with a list of 5 backlit keyboards that we believe are the best you can find under $50. Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, or an editor, an illuminated keyboard can add a little more ambiance to your environment. Besides, these keyboards don’t just look stunning but they’re also quite functional. Here’s our exclusive review of the top 5 illuminated keyboards under $50.

1. Redragon S101 – Best Overall Backlit Keyboard

Taking the spot for the best overall, we have this wired keyboard by Redragon, which is a brand known for manufacturing high quality backlit, blue switch, and mechanical gaming keyboards for a relatively cheap price.

While anyone with a PC will love this product, the Redragon S1010 has been designed specifically with gamers in mind. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, the S1010 ensures that you get the best gaming experience.

The keyboard boasts seven different lighting effects and modes including blue, green and red LED backlighting, and you can also change the breathing speed & brightness. Additionally, the keycaps off uniform and clear backlighting WIN key, which you can disable for gaming.

Boasting an ergonomic design, the Redragon S101 doesn’t just make a great gaming keyboard but is also an ideal typing device for office work. Moreover, it’s splash-proof, which means it can withstand average liquid spills. Keyboards with wrist rest offer great comfort for long gaming sessions and that’s what you’ll find in the S1010 as well.

It also features 25 non-conflict keys, 10 multimedia keys, and 12 extra FN and multimedia keys.

Besides the sophisticated keyboard, you also get an RGB backlit mouse, which is designed with 3600 FPS & 15G ACC. This high precision gaming mouse will let you have full control over your whole gaming experience. It features 6 different buttons, of which, 5 of them are programmable.

Additionally, the gaming mouse offers to pinpoint accuracy and the gaming-grade switches ensure extreme responsiveness, longevity, and durability, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Unlike most standard sets that are only compatible with specific Windows versions, this set from Redragon is compatible with limited Mac OS and Windows XP till Windows 10.


  • It’s splash-proof, can withstand average spills.
  • Comes with a high precision backlit gaming mouse
  • Seven RGB lighting modes & effects

  • Keys are a bit stiff
  • No mechanical keys

2. Rii Backlit RK905 Keyboard – The Runner Up

Next on our list, we have this sleek black backlit keyboard from Rii. Like the Redragon, this is another excellent combo set that includes a sophisticated backlit keyboard and an RGB mouse for gaming.

The wired keyboard dons a pretty standard ergonomic design- it’s simple yet classic and is comfortable for regular typing tasks. However, if you’re planning to use it primarily for gaming, you might want to check the other options. It comes with105 keys, including include multi-function keys, which allows you to perform specific tasks quickly.

It features three backlighting colors (cyan, green, blue) and 2 modes. You can also adjust the brightness levels by pressing either Fn+page Up and Fn+Page down keys. Additionally, the Rii combo set boasts a sturdy build, which means you don’t have to worry much about its durability. We also found several positive feedback from previous customers stating how comfortable and easy it is to press the keys.

The mouse that comes with it has been designed based on human mechanics to help relieve fatigue and strain even after long hours of working. Aside from its clever design, construction, and functionality, the Rii Rk905 is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. You’ll also be glad to know that it comes with a one year warranty, making it a great deal.

Now, on the downside, you might have some issues with the mouse as the mouse backlight color keeps changing and you can’t set the mouse to one specific color. This looks cool and fun at first but can get a bit distracting or annoying.


  • It’s a combo set
  • Features a sturdy build quality
  • It comes with multi-function keys

  • Not the best choice for purely gaming
  • The mouse backlight color changes constantly

3. LANGTU LED Membrane Keyboard

The LANGTU LED keyboard is another excellent product worth considering. It comes from a brand that is committed to offering high quality and innovative products to its customers and the LANGTU LED Keyboard is no different.

Thanks to its quality aluminum panel, this wired backlit keyboard not only has an enhanced keyboard texture but is also quite durable. To further accentuate its longevity, this metal panel keyboard is also water-resistant, which means the keyboard is safe from liquid spills.

The keys on the LANGTU keyboard is quite soft and responsive and boasts a long lifespan of 5 million clicks. Moreover, the removable keycaps make it easier for you to clean with ease. Its dual-colored injection keycaps offer clear and even backlight.

As for its LED lighting, it features a cool rainbow backlight and is gentle enough so your eyes don’t hurt in the dark. Additionally, you can even turn the backlight off if you want.

With the LANGTU keyboard, you also have the option to adjust the backlight brightness and the “breathing” effect’s speed. Donning a sophisticated keycap design, it allows you to reach all keys with ease, which makes it comfortable for your hands and cause less fatigue during long hours of work or gaming.

It also boasts 25 anti-ghosting keys that let you use several combinations for winning a game. The combination of 12 multi-function keys further accentuates the efficiency of the keyboard.

This wired keyboard doesn’t need a driver, simply plug and play. It’s also compatible with Windows 2000, 7,8, 10, XP, ME, LINUS, MAC, and Vista. To top it off, it comes with a 2-year warranty. All this makes the LANGTU wired Keyboard the best budget keyboard on our list.

On the downside, some users may find that the Enter, Space bar, and Shift keys are a bit louder than the others. Also, the font on some keys may be hard to make out. Nonetheless, these are all minor flaws, considering its relatively cheap price.


  • Two-year warranty
  • The sturdy aluminum panel makes it quite durable
  • Twelve multimedia keys

  • Some fonts aren’t easy to read
  • The space bar, Enter and Shift keys tend to make much noise than the rest

4. VicTsing Backlit Keyboard

No products found.

If the previous products didn’t catch your attention, perhaps you might want to check out this ultra-slim backlit keyboard by VicTsing and is an excellent choice for PC gaming. Unlike typical keyboards, this one features a well-built construction, making it durable and sturdy. It’s also wear-resistant and shock-proof.

It features a colorful rainbow backlight, which creates a wonderful gaming atmosphere. The keyboard also has automatic breathing light and permanent light along with 7 different backlight modes.

Additionally, you can adjust its breathing speed and brightness as per your preference.

Its 19 anti-ghosting keys followed by 12 multimedia shortcuts further boost the overall functionality and efficiency of the keyboard.

Its ergonomic wrist rest frees your hand from fatigue during long gaming sessions. The VicTsing keyboard is also compatible with almost all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95, and Mac OS.


  • Perfect for gaming
  • Wear-resistant & shock-proof
  • Anti-fatigue keys

  • Occasional backlight issue
  • Tight key spacing

5. NPET K10 Keyboard

Finally, we have the NPET K10, which is another excellent backlit keyboard designed primarily for PC gaming.

This inexpensive backlit keyboard comes with almost every essential feature, including RGB lighting effects, floating keycap design, number keypad, anti-ghosting, and dedicated media control keys.

It weighs just over 2 lbs, making it a lightweight keyboard. While it’s almost 17” long, it has no border, which prevents it from taking much desk space.

It has 104 keys, which are made using top-grade ABS plastic, which is sturdier than most typical plastic. It’s also water-resistant so liquid spills shouldn’t be a problem. The NPET K10 comes with 13 multimedia shortcut keys, a strengthened space key, and 26 non-conflict keys, all of which improve the overall functionality of the keyboard.

The ergonomic design with two folding stands ensures a comfortable typing position, thereby freeing your fingers from fatigue and improving your typing accuracy and speed. Finally, the NPET supports almost every version of Windows as well as Mac OS.


  • Inexpensive
  • Water-resistant
  • Mac OS compatible

  • Keys feel slightly mushy
  • Rubber feet tend to leave dirt on surfaces

Best Backlit Keyboard under $50 Buying Guide

There are a number of keyboard manufacturers out there, each with dozens of products. Consequently, it’d be understandable if you get bamboozled by the number of options and not to forget, the various features each of these keyboards come with.

To help you with that, we came up with a quick buyer’s guide covering some of the key features worth considering before making your purchase.

Ergonomics & Functionality

When you’re shopping for a good backlit keyboard, there are other factors you need to focus on besides its physical appearance. It’s also important for you to make sure that it’s completely functional. Check if the keyboard comes with other accessories and boasts an ergonomic design.

Preferably, the keyboard should allow you to work comfortably without causing any strain or tension even when you’re using it for an extended period.

As for functionality, check if the keyboard features any multimedia keys. These keys are basically shortcuts for other functions.

You’ll also need to consider the key design, which comes in two different types: mechanical and membrane. The former is sturdier, which translates to more durability. The latter is light, meaning more user-friendly and doesn’t create much noise while pressing.

Size & Construction

The keyboard’s size is another factor worth keeping in mind before making your purchase. You’ll come across backlit keyboards of varying sizes, where some are massive, small, and extensive. Keyboards that are small and thin offers more convenience as you can easily carry them with you and even store them in the drawer with ease. That said, you should pick the keyboard based on your gaming desk or tabletop.

To ensure that the product lasts you long enough, you must examine what material it’s made from. In doing so, you’ll learn how durable it is.

You’ll find keyboards made from aluminum, which can withstand everyday use. There are plastic built keyboards as well but they aren’t as sturdy. Hence, you might want to consider buying a well-built keyboard so you won’t waste money.

Connections & Compatibility

Other factors that you should look for include connections & compatibility. Every keyboard is classified as either wireless or wired. With wired keyboards, you’ll have to use a PS/2 or a USB cable for connecting it to your PC.

On the contrary, wireless keyboards don’t require a physical connection. You’ll also need to check its compatibility as there are some keyboards only work with certain operating systems. Nonetheless, most keyboards are compatible with Android OS, Chrome OS, and Windows OS.

Backlit Keyboard FAQs

In this section, we’ll be answering some of the most commonly asked questions people have about backlit keyboards.

How Do You Turn on a Backlit Keyboard?

You can turn your backlit keyboard on by pressing Fn and backlight key. However, different keyboards require you to press specific keys and as such, it’d be best to read the user manual that comes with it.

How Much Battery Do Backlit Keyboards Use?

Backlit keyboards don’t use much battery but they can drain your computer’s battery life. When the backlights are on, particularly when using a gaming laptop, your battery will drain quicker. However, they don’t affect your battery life that much as they’ll only reduce the battery by about 2-3 percent.

Are These Keyboards Worth Buying?

In short, certainly. These keyboards are definitely worth buying, especially if you’re a gamer. Not just for aesthetic reasons but also because they offer various functions. For instance, you can work late at night without turning the lights on, which means no disturbance to the people around.

Find the Best Backlit Keyboard under $50 That’s Right for You

As you may have understood by now that it’s possible to purchase a worthy keyboard without having to break the bank. While there are several other exciting backlit keyboards out there, we’re certain that this guide will help you in finding the best backlit keyboard under $50.

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