5 Outdated Sandal Trends and What to Replace Them With

With a new season on the horizon it’s time again for me to reevaluate everything in my closet—let the spring and summer outfit planning begin! One area of my wardrobe I like to start with first is my shoe collection.

With the spring season about to start, I especially like to focus on my sandal selection. I begin by doing an inventory of sorts to see which styles I’ll keep in rotation this year while also deciding which styles I’d like to retire. Then, I spot the holes in my collection to see what new sandal trends might be missing. Once complete, I take some time with the sandals I’d like to retire and separate the ones I won’t wear again into a “donate or sell” pile and put the rest into a “store for later” pile. The latter are likely classics that are currently feeling a little dated but will come in handy again in the future.

Sound like something you are interested in doing with me? Ahead, I break down the sandal styles I am ditching (for the moment anyway) and show you the options I am keeping in rotation, plus the new sandal trends I plan on adding to my collection.

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