6 Black-Owned Perfume Brands to Add to Your Collection

Chances are, when you think of perfume brands, you think of big-name fragrance houses like Chanel, Byredo, Diptyque, or Le Labo. While these perfumes will always have a place on our vanities, Black-owned perfume brands have long deserved the spotlight, and many of them are still mostly unknown.

The Black-owned fragrance brands that are catching our attention are making truly exciting scents—picture the smell of drinking a mojito by the beach, a refreshing dip in the pool, or the electricity you feel after a long kiss. They’re a breath of fresh air in the fragrance industry, which has long been a bit stuffy. 

Below, I’ve rounded up some of the most exciting Black-owned fragrance brands that need to be on your radar. The scents range from sweet and fruity to deep and woodsy, so there’s truly something here for everyone, regardless of your typical scent profile. Keep reading to find your next signature scent.


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