A VIP Nordstrom Stylist Names the 2022 Trends That Matter

Given Sandy Koszarek’s role as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom, she knows a thing or two about trending products. After all, she spends her days recommending of-the-moment pieces to her range of clients. On that note, we were curious about the trends she’s personally into right now that she thinks will be everywhere this year.

Below, you’ll uncover the 2022 trends that matter to Koszarek. The curation coming your way includes a variety of pieces she’s going to wear and will also suggest to her clients. Included in the mix? There’s everything from easy-to-style knits to some more statement-making trends that focus on details like fringe.

Keep scrolling to check out 2022 trends, complete with shopping inspiration if you’re looking to add a fresh piece into your wardrobe as you kick off the New Year.

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