Best password managers of 2022

Password managers are not only among the safest ways to keep all your online accounts secure, but they also save you from one of the most annoying predicaments in the world: forgetting your password.

Gone are the days of conjuring up a mishmash of letters, numerals, and symbols for every application you’ve signed up for, as the best password managers store all your unique passwords in a secure digital vault that can only be accessed by you. Better yet, if you’re sick of creating another jumble of characters, a password manager will create a strong, random password for you. 

In a world rife with large-scale hacks that leak private information that can lead to fraud, identity theft, and ransom threats, it’s more important than ever to fortify all your professional, social and personal accounts. Using the same password with the inevitable “!” lobbed in at the end for all your profiles no longer makes the cut, as all it takes is one low-level hacker to crack the code and reap the rewards you thought were once secure.

While the best authenticator apps and best VPN services add an extra layer of protection for your daily online activity, the best password managers will keep the prying eyes of threat actors at bay. But there are a few things to think about before choosing the right password manager for you. 

Getting started with a password manager  

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