Caudalie’s Premier Cru The Cream is the real deal for tackling eight signs of skin ageing

Environmental factors, such as the sun’s UV rays, affect our cells’ DNA and can prevent the expression of certain genes. The knock-on effect is that the gene then produces fewer proteins and the signs of ageing set in. After 10 years of genetics research, scientists at Harvard Medical School in partnership with Caudalie made a new revolutionary discovery: an enzyme, named TET (Ten-Eleven Translocation) that delivers proven results to improve the look of ageing skin. 

Since then, the Caudalie Natural Formulation Laboratory has worked to find a unique pharmaceutic active ingredient capable of boosting this TET enzyme. After studying thousands of active ingredients, one was selected: honokiol, from magnolia, which is obtained by eco-extraction (1). Honokiol boosts the TET enzyme. Combined with Resveratrol, a skin-firming active from grape vines, honokiol’s effects are multiplied, enabling it to act directly on the skin’s youth proteins and, as such, help to correct the eight signs of ageing: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, loss of volume, dehydration, dark spots, loss of radiance.

A ground-breaking new patent came about as a result of this discovery: TET8TM Technology co-patented with Harvard Medical School. You can find it in the new Premier Cru the Cream from Caudalie, which is also enriched with dark spot-correcting Viniferine, antioxidant grape seed polyphenols and natural-origin hyaluronic acid for skin plumping. The addition of tightening sugars provides a natural firming effect on the skin within three minutes of application. The results speak for themselves:

  • Wrinkles reduced: 93% (2)
  • Fine Lines diminished: 87%
  • Dark spots corrected: 93%
  • Radiant complexion: 93%
  • Firmer skin: 97%
  • Improved elasticity: 96%
  • Plumper skin: 93%
  • Hydrated skin: 100% (3)

Premier Cru The Cream: its eco credentials

Backed by scientific expertise, Premier Cru The Cream from Caudalie shuttles powerful ingredients into the skin. But it is also eco-friendly, housing 97% natural-origin ingredients in a luxurious glass jar that can easily be refilled and recycled. When you’ve scooped out every last precious drop, simply purchase a replacement capsule, safe in the knowledge that each refill saves around 3.12 tons of multi-material packaging and 18 tons of glass (4), making it a much more sustainable alternative.

Additionally, Premier Cru The Cream does not contain mineral oils, silicones, PEG, parabens or phthalates, making it both planet- and skin-friendly. 

Lean on the luxurious vegan formula, which coddles all skin types, using a mini facial to relax tense muscles and improve its efficacy. Scoop the cream on to your fingertips and apply from the centre of the face, moving outwards. Finish with upward strokes starting at the décolleté, sweeping up the neck to the jawline and cheeks, before finally settling on the forehead. 

Prepare for skin that looks smooth, dewy and supercharged with brightness.

(1) Plant Extraction enabling energy use to be reduced.
 (2) Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 31 volunteers, 56 days.
(3) Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 32 volunteers, 56 days.
(4) All numbers are calculated according to an internal estimate based on the annual quantity.

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