Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation Review

“Full disclosure: The first time I tried this foundation, I wasn’t a fan. But I blame my impatient self for that. I was so excited to receive the tube in the mail that I literally ripped it from the box and applied it straight to my face. Yeah, I didn’t properly prep my skin, and it definitely showed. The following day, I did my usual skincare routine and slathered my face in Magic Cream ($64), warmed the foundation in my hands, then rubbed it on my skin and blended it out with a beauty blender. The outcome was so much more satisfying. My complexion was smooth and glowy but still looked like, well, my skin. The best way to describe the formula is to imagine a tinted moisturizer and a full-coverage foundation having a child: It’s probably too heavy for regular wearers of tinted moisturizer (like me!) but just right for those who want a little less than a full-coverage foundation.

“I can see myself using this for special events because once it was set, it literally stayed put for hours—no creasing, cracking, or making my face feel absurdly tight. I actually really liked how the formula set into my skin over time. The longer I had it on, the better it looked to me.”

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