Don’t Wait: Your Fave Nordstrom Beauty Buys Are on Sale RN

Does anyone else feel like the winter months spanning January to April (sometimes even May depending on where you’re situated in the U.S.) can be kind of, well, dark? The swirl of excitement and festive cheer that defines the months leading up to the New Year is behind us, and all of a sudden, it feels like there’s not that much to look forward to until the first blossoming signs of spring.

So, when our favorite retailers (like Nordstrom) bless us with a February surprise in the form of an epic Winter Sale, we’re grateful, to say the least. (Not that we should depend on shopping as a source of happiness, of course, but hey, saving big on best-selling beauty standbys is always cause for celebration, right?)

If you’re reading this, you’re in luck, because from February 18 through February 27, Nordstrom is offering amazing savings on a wide selection of fan-favorite fashion and beauty. Up to 60% off, to be exact! You can peruse all of the beauty offerings here, but in case you’re in need of some guidance or expert recs, we’re sharing 20 of our top picks you’ll want to add to your cart, stat. Keep scrolling! 

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