Face The Great Outdoors with Confidence

Written by Alyson Klatt

The outdoors is an awe inspiring place, with beauty… and quite a bit of danger. Ask any
explorer and they’ll tell you it pays to be prepared. Cold sweeps in quickly, bug bites can leave
more than a mark, and storms darken the skies. Staying safe can be a complicated business,
with so many factors to keep in mind. This September is preparedness month. So let’s go back
to school and learn a little bit about being prepared.
Staying Hydrated
The hottest commodity when it comes to safety will always be water. Dehydration can
settle in faster than you think. Keep an eye out for these signs1:
● Extreme thirst
● Less frequent urination
● Dark-colored urine
● Fatigue
● Dizziness
● Confusion
And especially in children:
● Dry mouth and tongue
● No tears when crying
● No wet diapers for three hours
● Sunken eyes, cheeks
● Sunken soft spot on top of skull
● Listlessness or irritability

Water can be stored in many containers. Choose safe plastics and eco friendly
packaging. A lightweight Nalgene bottle can hold up to 32oz. A stainless steel Hydroflask or
Stanley bottle keep liquids chilly for hours. From an emergency perspective, store one gallon of
water per person, per day, according to the CDC2.

When Hiking
The cooler weather of fall makes climbing every mountain a little more comfortable.
Start by checking the conditions of your trail, especially with higher elevations. Winter comes
early on Mt Washington right about now, with the average first snowfall in September.
The right hiking boots are more than just a fashion statement. Hiking boots provide
important stability and protection. They can be the determining factor in a hiker’s ability to cover
long distances without injury. Try these boots on for size. Keep those toes warm and dry with
the correct pair of socks. Make sure all your footwear is properly broken in before hitting the

When Biking
Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and take in the fall scenery. Make sure your bike
is correctly fitted to your height and that all parts are working properly. As the days get shorter,
you should always wear some reflective gear, and consider installing a headlight to your bike. Of
course you should always wear a helmet. The NHTSA guidelines for fitting your helmet correctly
are very helpful.

Protect your equipment and your ride with the proper car rack. Campmor specializes in
Thule and Yakima. The Yakima Megawarrior Basket is a heavy duty option for keeping all your
gear right where it should be. Accommodate your bikes, luggage, and even winter sports items
in stylish safety. If your ride isn’t quite so extra large, check out our other options including hitch
racks and options for truck beds. Educate yourself and your little ones on how to operate and
close all vehicle doors with the racks installed. This can help you avoid shattered windows and
lost equipment bags, trust us.

When Exploring as a Family
Protect your most precious cargo with some outdoor essentials. Bugs, sunburns, and
hunger can lead to little meltdowns despite the chill in the air. Make sure you still carry sun
protection. Outfit your tiny explorers with protection like this bug busting bandana, shady hats,
and a backpack filled with trail mix- extra chocolate please!
Introduce toddlers and infants to the wonder of the outdoors while keeping them
comfortable and safe. A child carrier with padded straps and deep pockets can keep tots, and
your back, happy. The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Kid Pack made it onto the NY times list of Best
Hiking Baby Carriers.

The Preparedness Checklist
Even with the best preparation, things can get hairy in the wilderness. Cell phones may
lose service or battery power. Make sure you always let someone know where you’re going, and
when you expect to be home. While on your adventure, stay safe no matter what with this list of
● Sun Protection
● Insect Repellant
● Extra Food and Clothing
● Firestarter and Matches
● Flashlight and proper batteries
● Pocket Knife
● First Aid Kit

We hope that your outdoor adventures lead you to great things this September. There’s
much more to explore beyond hiking, cycling, and family outings. Our staff here at Campmor are
well trained and can offer you great advice and direction when shopping for gear. For more
information, questions, or concerns, email us customerservice@campmor.com or call (201)

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