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Created to help anyone with a period understand more about what’s happening in their body during the four phases of the menstrual cycle, FEWE is a female-founded, fully inclusive menstrual cycle care company that’s here to empower all.

After commissioning a study into how much those who menstruate know about their cycles, they discovered that 57% of those surveyed believed their menstrual cycle to be one week long, while 86% of people couldn’t name the main hormones.

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FEWE is passionate about changing this by providing everyone with the necessary educational tools to understand their period and four menstrual cycle phases. Working to complement the four phases, FEWE have created products to support each phase – from flow (aka menstruation), soar (preparation), transformation (ovulation), to reset (pre-menstrual).

Everyone who menstruates will experience hormonal fluctuations that can affect your daily wellbeing, impacting everything from your sleep quality, to complexion, to mood. Know this: hormonal rises and dips which are normal, so if you’re reading this and identifying with some of the symptoms outlined, know you are not alone.

Our health and sustainability editor Ally Head says: “FEWE are a one of the first brands I’ve seen tackling cycle-care head on. It’s an essential component of our everyday wellbeing. Think about it: how you can you truly optimise your health without thinking about what point of your cycle you’re at?”

She continues: “Increasingly, athletes are utilising the power of training around their cycle, with a growing body of research into how tailoring your training and lifestyle around your cycle can benefit you. One study even found you can build up to 15% more lean muscle if you stack your strength training in the first half of your cycle.”

“The products are great and another step towards women truly understanding both our bodies and cycles better.”

FEWE’s aim? To educate you with the science behind your cycle and provide you with the tools to not only track each stage, but  support your body along the way, too. They provide you with recommended products – everything from salicylic acid for breakout weeks, to CBD to ease muscle and temple tension – to assist you in your times of need.

There are four menstrual cycle phases – menstruation (what FEWE calls flow), the follicular phase (soar), ovulation (transform), and finally the luteal phase (reset).

First, you’ll have your period, shortly followed by the follicular phase – what FEWE calls the SOAR phase. This is the week after your period, FYI. FEWE’s research indicates that, during this phase, you’ll feel an extra boost of confidence as your levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and oestrogen are climbing. As a result, you’ll notice more glowing skin as your oestrogen levels increase both collagen and hyaluronic acid production. To maintain this glow, FEWE recommends their Get Up & Glow serum, which is enriched with a blend of vitamin C and CBD and helps to both soothe your skin and boost your natural glow. (Read our guides to vitamin C serums, CBD benefits and CBD oil, here).

Then comes your ovulation phase, what FEWE calls the transform phase, which occurs as you approach your period. Shifting hormones mean you’ll likely feel a little up and down – in other words, you might experience anxiety, cramps, or suffer from low mood swings as a result of your oestrogen levels getting lower. One way to combat this? FEWE’s I Touch Myself serum, which is formulated with a bespoke blend of botanical oils to soothe, and reduce irritation, itchiness, and discomfort.

Lastly, you’ll experience the luteal phase, which they call the reset phrase. This is the time for self-care – 70% of those surveyed shared they experienced breakouts and acne, hence FEWE’s launch of the Spot the Difference anti-blemish serum, enriched with salicylic acid to help soothe inflamed skin and prevent future breakouts.

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