How Predictive Analytics Elevates CX


Second week into 2022, and there is so much more in store for business professionals. Let’s take a stroll over to the communal side of customer experience, learn about the new kid on the block and predictive analytics and how its changing the customer experience practices. Meanwhile, we will dig deeper into the mind of chief marketing officer and see what their plans are this year. 

Quick, Catch Me Up

  • The Communal Side of Customer Experience Justin Racine | Jan. 10. We often focus on the numerous personas that connect with brands, what’s essential to each of these persona groups and how we can develop experiences that meet and surpass their expectations when creating exceptional customer experiences. Getting customers to your website or shop to convert and buy is only one side of the equation; the other is how these customers communicate with one another after they’ve made a purchase, which is usually done through social media.
  • What Is Predictive Analytics and How Does it Impact Customer Experience? Gabrielle Rodgers | Jan. 10. Predictive analytics is a type of data analytics that forecasts future events and actions. It makes use of historical data, feedback and techniques such as statistical modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Consider how your phone anticipates your next word in a text message. The same technology may be used to improve your company’s operations and customer experiences.
  • What’s Top of Mind for Chief Marketing Officers in 2022? Dom Nicastro | Jan. 11. Kate Muhl, vice president analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice, referenced a U.S. Labor Department study that revealed a record 4.5 million employees, or 3%, departed employment in November 2021, matching the September record. How are CMOs approaching 2022 with challenges like these looming?
  • Is Your Organization Flexible Enough to Thrive in 2022? Dave Landa | Jan. 11. We were successful. We made it through another year marred by the worldwide pandemic and huge economic upheavals. However, many businesses are dealing with a new reality as they establish their goals for the new year. Reverting to pre-pandemic work styles will not keep team members interested.
  • Fielding Your Customer Survey: Remember the 4 P’s Eddie Accomando | Jan. 11. I’ve given practical tips for starting a best-in-class CX program in this series for CX professionals. We’ve covered a lot of territory. 
  • Why You Shouldn’t Communicate With Remote, Onsite and Hybrid Teams as One Group David Roe | Jan. 12. Many firms have talked about remote working and COVID in the last year as if they were issues that will be fixed once the health situation improved. We’re already two years into the pandemic, and it’s evident that the Omicron variant has made it unlikely that workers will return to the physical workplace in large numbers very soon.
  • Will Microsoft Customer Experience Platform Compete in the CX World? Dom Nicastro | Jan. 13. The $9.5 billion customer experience sector has seen a lot of action in recent years. SAP paid $8 billion for Qualtrics before taking it public. Medallia has gone public. MaritzCX was bought by InMoment. Zendesk purchased Momentive as well as the SurveyMonkey brand. Now comes a huge Microsoft play: the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform.
  • The Invisible, Immaterial Internet Is Not What It Seems Gerry McGovern | Jan. 10. Katie Singer is one of those people who has made her beliefs her way of life. She is particularly interested in the energy, extractions, hazardous waste and greenhouse gas emissions used in the production of computers, telecommunications infrastructure, electric autos and other electronic gadgets. Everyone anticipated the internet to transform the world. Today’s excitement is a little dimmer.
  • Set Goals That Inspire Your Workforce in 2022 Paul Pellman | Jan. 13. Many of us started 2021 expecting to put the trauma of 2020 behind us. New disruptions, ranging from COVID-19 changes to recurring natural disasters to the conclusion of various judicial procedures, have shaken the country’s collective heart in the recent year.

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