How to Replace Cosmetic Procedures With Active Ingredients

Although Alexiades is paving the way for innovative skincare procedures with these methods, she also has quite a bit to share about active ingredients (for us average folks) that can help eliminate the need for future procedures altogether. “With Macrene Actives, I have matched up different sets of active ingredients with the effects I seek to achieve in the skin. For example, the stimulation of skin elements, tightening, firming, clarifying, brightening, and so forth. By combining these scientifically active and clinically proven ingredients together in a delivery method that I have patented, it assures active and stable delivery to the targeted skin layers. I have been able to recapitulate the results of injectables, lasers, and devices using topical active ingredients. This is the future, and the future is here.”

Alexiades says there are three categories of classic ingredients that everyone should look for: antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. “Not all hyaluronic acids are the same,” she stresses. “And I don’t want people wasting money on cheap hyaluronic acids that don’t make their way into the skin.” The best hyaluronic acid is microencapsulated and comes in both a low- and high-molecular weight. Peptides, she says, are the fanciest of the youth-enhancing ingredients, as they actually build the skin, make collagen thicker, and eliminate the need for lasers.

With Macrene Actives, Alexiades has also incorporated DNA repair enzymes into her products that go in and actually replace mutations within the skin that are induced by UV exposure. That’s where multifaceted antioxidants can also provide a huge boost because they essentially clean up the skin. They neutralize pollutants, toxins, and free radicals that can do damage to the skin. This provides it with the ability to repair itself on a daily basis and can truly help your skin look the way it did before the aging process began (around age 25, according to Alexiades). “Look for antioxidants like vitamin C, E, ferulic acid, or plant extracts that have antioxidant potential. Olive leaf extracts and green tea extracts are phenomenal. I’m really a fan of the tea extracts. And pomegranate and resveratrol. These are antioxidants that work, and they work to help with your skin’s defense.” Now that you’re armed with this treasure trove of knowledge, I’ve rounded up a few highly advanced skincare products below that contain youth-boosting active ingredients that will help the skin maintain its overall health. 

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