How to Wear Platform Heels

If you scroll through Instagram on any given day, you’ll notice that one It item that every influencer is wearing. Sometimes, it’s balaclavas; other days, it’s berets. But there’s always one piece that’s got a gorilla grip on the gorgeous, gorgeous girls. Lately, that just so happens to be platform heels. Considering that we’re still amid a pandemic, it doesn’t seem like the most practical heel trend to arise. But as fashion history informs us, when things get bad, the heels get higher. (Consider the most recent example of this in the form of revenge heels.)

Of course, it’s not just where the world is at large that makes the idea of levitating above it all in some platform shoes lust-worthy. It’s also the dreamy designer heels that have dominated the runway. From Versace’s Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps to Valentino’s Garavani Tan-Go Platform Pumps, platforms have made their way back into fashion’s zeitgeist and our hearts. But if you’re still unsure if this silhouette can move beyond being party shoes, keep reading. Ahead, you’ll find 19 outfit ideas that will show you how to wear platform heels beyond the runway or the dance floor.

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