How to wirelessly transfer files between your phone and PC

Apple’s exclusive AirDrop feature lets Mac and iPhone owners wirelessly share files across devices in an instant. If you have a Windows PC, though, don’t feel left out. It’s easy to replicate the AirDrop experience for Windows and Android devices.

There’s a range of third-party options that can facilitate wireless file transfers between Windows computers and phones. Even though these cross-platform utilities are built-in, you don’t have to do much to set them up and begin beaming chunks of files across your devices. Here’s how to get started.

AirDroid: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web

AirDroid is an all-inclusive service to manage your phone from your computer. You can respond to your messages, check your notifications, remotely control your phone’s camera and more. 

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AirDroid’s highlight is its file management tool. It lets you instantly send files to and from your phone and computer over Wi-Fi, irrespective of the OS they’re running. At a top transfer speed of 20Mbps, it’s also faster than most similar services. If you’re an Android user, you can browse your entire local storage right from your computer without connecting any wires. 

Configuring AirDroid won’t take you more than a few minutes. All you need to do is download the free client on your computer and phone, and sign in with a new account. This automatically links your devices. Now, when you want to transfer anything, just select the AirDroid option in the share menu. 

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With AirDroid’s free version, the maximum file size you can remotely send is 30MB. For larger transfers, you’ll need to shell out for the premium subscription, which costs at least $2.50 a month. 

Send Anywhere: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, Linux

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