How to Write a Killer “About Me” in 4 Easy Steps

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Creating the perfect blog bio can be a little bit tricky. With such limited space, how can you convey everything your readers need to know about your blog?

Luckily, there’s a certain formula to follow when it comes to writing a bio for your blog. And the best part is, you already have the information inside of you! You just need to pull it out and piece it together.

In this article, I walk you through 4 easy steps to create a blog biography that will engage your readers and make them want to keep reading your blog.

Why is Your Blog Bio Important?

When people search for something online, they often visit dozens of websites on the hunt for what they’re looking for. Your blog bio is important because it tells people why your website has the answers they’re seeking. Your blog bio tells readers that they’ve landed in the right place.

Whenever someone wants to learn more about a website, the first place they head is the About page. Your blog biography is so important because it gives people an impression of you and your content. With it, readers will get a general idea of why your blog exists and what they can expect from it.

Pretty heavy stuff for just a few sentences, but that’s why it’s crucial to make your blog bio count! In such a short space, you have to make a case for what sets your blog apart and why people should stay on it rather than hopping over to one of the million other options out there.

How to Write Your Blog Bio in 4 Easy Steps

You may be wondering “well, how do I write a blog bio that really stands out?”. 

Not to worry. I put together these 4 easy steps to walk you through the blog biography writing process to craft a blog “About Me” that counts.

Step 1: Brainstorm

The first step is to brainstorm what you want to include in your blog bio. This is the time to get all of your ideas out on the table and think about the pertinent information that you want to convey to your readers. 

The more the better during brainstorming!

Write down anything that pops into your head so that you have plenty to choose from when it’s time to start putting your blog bio together.

Important jumping off points to consider are:

Your Blog’s Story

What motivated you to start a blog in the first place? How did your blog come to life? Did you have a genius idea one day or were you trying to fill a gap in online knowledge? Thinking about your story may help you develop solid points for your blog biography about why your blog is worth reading.  

Your Mission or Vision

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? What ultimate goals do you have? Did you start your blog to help people? Did you start your blog to spread knowledge or share a skill? Considering this information and conveying it to readers in your blog bio gives everyone a clear notion of the purpose of your blog.


  • Cooking blog bio: “I help people create healthy nutritious no-fuss meals in 30 minutes (or less)”
  • Travel blog bio: “I share all my best travel hacks, tips, and advice to help you travel in style (even on a budget!)

Your Blue Ocean

This is what sets your blog apart, so think hard about your Blue Ocean and why you’re different from other blogs. What are the points of uniqueness about your blog? What can people find on your blog that they won’t find anywhere else?

Your Blue Ocean can be a huge leveraging point in a blog bio because it gives insight as to why your blog is special and worth staying on. 

Reader Avatar

Who’s your target audience? What do they care about? Brainstorming around your reader avatar is incredibly valuable because ultimately these are the people you want to come to your blog and stay on it. If you can show in your blog about me that you have the answers your target audience is looking for, they’re much more likely to stick around to see what you have to offer.

Take some time to really think about these aspects and write down your ideas! While you don’t have to include everything you brainstorm in your blog bio, it’ll give you plenty of things to work with as you move forward. 


  • Our short blog bio: “Hey, we’re Tom and Anna. We help creatives profit from their passions and achieve time freedom through blogging!”
  • Fitness blog bio: “I help busy mama’s make time to stay fit and healthy through my quick workout tips and advice.”

Step 2: Select Key Information to Include in Your Blog Bio

In the next step, you have to actually choose what specific information you want to include in your blog bio. Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

Focus On the Reader

No matter what you end up settling on, the most important thing to remember is that your blog bio should focus on the reader, not you! 

To be honest, no one is reading your blog bio to find out your favorite foods or what movies you watched growing up. In fact, it’s unlikely that people are coming to your blog for you at all! 

Their visit to your blog is entirely self-motivated, and as such, it’s important to position the reader at centerstage.

Think about our blog bio from a reader’s perspective. What kind of information can you provide that will be the most engaging for them? What can you include to build trust and let your readers know that your blog is relevant to their lives? 

When crafting your blog biography, these are the most important aspects to include. Try to appeal to your reader’s emotions. Put yourself in their shoes and write about what they would want to know! What would convince you to stay on your own blog?

For example, our longer blog bio for Adventure In You highlights key questions people coming to the blog may ask like.

Check it out:

blog bio

As you can see, we tried to center the reader in this section by bringing up questions they may have and letting them know that they can find the answers on our blog.

When picking out key information, try to keep your blog bio fluff-free. Remove any unnecessary tidbits and anything that won’t resonate with your reader. 

Remember, you’re aiming for something short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Don’t Forget to Include Images and Your Contact Details

Besides the key information of why your blog’s worth reading, you should also include important aspects like photos or images to bring your bio to life as well as contact details so readers can get in touch. 

On this blog biography which we have on our front page, we encourage the reader to click through and read more about us which leads to our longer about us page. The image we chose is also intentionally a “travel focused” image to convey who we are.

Highlight Your Credibility

Speaking of images…it’s also worth noting down any information that shows you or your blog’s authority. 

Are you an expert in a certain subject? Do you have a degree in a related field? Any awards, recognitions, or features that are worth mentioning? 

For health, fitness and finance blogs, stating your professional experience if you have any makes a HUGE difference because of Google’s E.A.T ranking score.

E-A-T stands for:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Because these topics are very sensitive, Google gives more trust to your site when you showcase your credentials in these fields.

Tacking this information into your bio will help build credibility with readers. 

In our case, we popped the logos of the publications we’ve been featured in below our image here to subtly draw the reader’s attention to it.

At a single glance, readers can get a sense of our credibility without having a long, drawn out list.

Step 3: Put it All Together

So you’ve got all of this great information… It’s time to put it together! 

First, decide on the tone of your bio. Do you want it to be fun and upbeat? Super serious? Professional, but personal? Whatever you choose, the tone of your blog bio should be in line with your blog’s brand or voice. 

E.g.: If you have a blog about comedy movies, the last thing you want is a very somber, serious blog bio. 

After your figure out the tone of your bio, start to string the information together in a way that tells a story. Remember, you’re trying to convince your readers to stay on your blog so having a clear story with reasons why is crucial! 

When you start to actually write the bio, I highly suggest using first person so that you can weave your voice in, connect with your readers, and tell a story from your point of view. 

Along the same lines, be sure to inject your personality in there! 

Just because your blog’s bio is to the point and focused on the reader doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair. Spice it up with words you like, phrases you’d use, and your own personal writing style.

Finally, once you’ve got all the key information down, adjust and play with your blog bio until it really sounds like you. 

Read your bio out loud. How’s the flow? Does it make sense? Is it free from fluff and filler words?

It might take some time and fiddling, but it’ll be worth it when you have a bio that’s engaging, alluring, and resonates with your readers. 

Blog Bios

Step 4: Create Different Versions of Your Blog Bio

When you’re writing your blog bio, I suggest to first start with a full-length version that can be used on your About Me page. 

This will be the longest version of your blog bio, where you can get everything out on the table. While it should be inclusive of all the information you want to convey to your readers, it shouldn’t be a novel. 

Aim for the sweet spot where people can understand your story and personality and why your blog exists… without getting bored from having to read too much about you. 

From there, you can begin to extract relevant information to create variations of your blog bio.

Some places you should consider adapting your blog bio for are: 

  • Your blog’s sidebar – It’s common for bloggers to have a quick bio with an image in their sidebars so that readers can understand what the blog is about as soon as they land on your homepage. This blog bio is just a couple of sentences so try to pick out the ones that will matter most to your readers!
  • Guest posts – When you write a guest post for another blogger, what information do you want them to include about yourself? Pull the most engaging information from your blog bio and restructure it here! That way, you can use your bio as leverage to drive readers to your own blog. 
  • Social media – All social media platforms have a space for a bio, so it’s a good idea to take the most important information (especially what makes you unique!) from your blog’s bio and make it bite-sized for social networks to let people know what your blog is about. This is just a sentence or two, but be sure it packs a punch! 
  • Elevator pitch – Every single brand needs a solid elevator pitch where they can give a complete rundown of their business in roughly 30 seconds. Your bio can be adapted to create an elevator pitch for your blog as it already has the pertinent information spelled out. 

By using your main blog bio to create these variations, you’re able to build consistency with your blog’s brand and ensure that the tone and information are the same across the board. 

Blog Bio Example

No matter what direction you plan to take with your blog’s bio, make it count! The information you provide here will go a long way in keeping people on your blog, developing trust with your readers, and standing out in a sea of billions of websites.

While it may be tempting to focus on yourself in your blog bio, the most important thing to remember is that this bio isn’t for you. It’s for everyone else. 

Here’s a quick look into our own blog bio here on this blog. Although we talk about ourselves, we focus it around how this blog can help others- immediately making someone see the benefit in reading our content.

blog bio blogging fast lane

My biggest tip for writing a great blog bio is to stay true to you! Don’t be afraid to show your personality and to feature your quirkiness.

Remember, people will follow you for YOU. One of the reasons why blog’s are so popular is because people form a relationship with your advice and writing so don’t be afraid to let some of that personality shine through.

If you can keep this in mind, you’re sure to have a blog biography that hooks and engages your readers and makes them come back for more.

Want to build your blog into a business? Check out our free training where you’ll learn how to make money from your blog using our FAST Framework!

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How to Write a Blog Bio | Searching for tips on how to write a blog bio that stands out? Click here to read our four steps to writing a blog bio that will stick with your readers.
How to Write a Blog Bio | Searching for tips on how to write a blog bio that stands out? Click here to read our four steps to writing a blog bio that will stick with your readers.

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