I Drank a Gallon of Water Every Day—Here’s What Happened

What happened during the whole process?

I learned early on that relying on my brain to automatically remember to drink water wasn’t going to work. Even with the markings on my water bottle telling me exactly how much water to drink and at what time, I still found myself forgetting to reach for the jug to take the necessary swigs. To get into the swing of things, I set a two-hour timer on my phone to remind me to finish off or straight up chug the allotted ounces for that time period. I’d simply start the timer over every time it rang until drinking consistently became more of a habit.

Any challenges?

The main challenge of drinking copious amounts of water is having to take a trip to the restroom every half hour (yet another reason I’d given up on doing it in the past). Under normal circumstances, like being in the office or generally out and about more, this would be more of a deterrent, but since I’m home all the dang time these days, it’s not so bad. My bathroom is about four steps from my workspace, so I don’t feel as put out by the multiple trips.

Any surprises?

I was surprised that on day 30 I did not wake up looking like a carbon copy of Beyoncé. Thankfully, I’m getting pretty good at being Courtney, though.

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