I’m a Stylist—These Are the Bags and Shoes I’d Never Give Up

Roz Kaur is an inspiration for many with her unique personal style and sharp eye after working as a stylist for the last 24 years. So whenever she’s up for letting us into her fashion world, we jump at the chance. And that brings us to why we’re here today.

Kaur recently shared with us the accessories she thinks can enhance a look. Well, given that she has quite the collection of gorgeous bags and shoes (seriously, look at her Instagram account), we thought we’d gain further insight into the specific bags and shoes she’d never give up.

Below, you’ll uncover the exact accessories that are forever pieces in her wardrobe. Many of the items you’ll see are designer, but they have a strong cost per wear. “Being able to wear these pieces year after year makes them all the more worthy of that initial investment,” she said. Keep scrolling for more, along with other inspired accessories inspired by Kaur’s picks.

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