I’m Picky When It Comes to Dresses, But I Approve These 8

I’ll admit I’m extremely picky when it comes to dresses. As someone who adheres to a modest style, I’ve made dresses a large part of my wardrobe. Since they’re one piece and can’t be styled as easily as a pair of pants or skirt can, I place a lot of importance on the design and how it can be worn. I’ve had far too many situations where I bought a dress, and it sat in my closet for months simply because I was only able to wear it once and it wouldn’t work with anything else I owned.

After all that trial and error, I now know what a dress needs to be perfect. Does it fit in all the right places? Can it pair well with accessories or shoes I own? Can I style it to be worn more than once? These are some questions I ask myself now before purchasing a dress. Luckily for you, the dresses in our latest Who What Wear Collection drop check all the boxes. I’m not one to keep it to myself, so I shared my favorite picks below, along with some styling inspiration for you to peruse.

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