Lily James reveals gruelling fitness regime, prosthetics mishap and the Pamela Anderson trait she won’t shake

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  • Lily James is set to appear in the upcoming series Pam&Tommy alongside Sebastian Stan, which depicts their love story and the demise of their romance after a sex tape was leaked.

    In the lead to the official release date on Hulu on February 2, Lily, 32, and Sebastian, 39, shared behind the scenes pictures of their impressive costumes, which had us all double take they resembled the real life couple, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, that much.

    However, the Cinderella star has revealed preparing for the series wasn’t as easy as it seemed, as she undertook rigorous fitness training for six months to lose weight, sat in hair and make-up for hours on end even before filming over 18 hours a day in the scorching LA heat began.

    Speaking to Entertainment Weeklyshe said: “I worked with this amazing trainer, Matt Bevan, who worked with Daisy Ridley as well. He worked me so hard and I got really fit. I lost a tonne of weight. I’ve put it all back on again though, unfortunately. But I felt really athletic, which I hadn’t done for a long time and there was great confidence that came from that. I feel less self-conscious on a beach now. It was really wonderful to feel like that, to feel so in my own body. It was really tough though, but it was rewarding.”

    Her fitness regime often involved multi-tasking; reading her script while running. Now that’s no mean feat, if you ask us.

    “He would make me do all my work and reading my script on a running machine. And I did boxing with a really cool guy in LA, which I love too, being physically strong like I could literally beat someone up”, she added.

    Then the filming prep turned to hair, make-up and prosthetics, to really resemble the Baywatch actor.

    Lily continued: “I was in the makeup chair at 3:30 a.m., and there would be this four-hour process to get me into the Pamela look. Eyes, wig, teeth, there was just a whole process.

    “We explored tons of different prosthetics like nose, chin, eyebrows, forehead, but in the end we stripped it back as much as possible.  We didn’t want there to be too much of a barrier between me and my expressions.”

    Perfecting the prosthetics also meant creating a fuller bust.  But after some near misses wearing the false piece, Lily decided it had to go.

    She said: “The breast piece was amazing.  In the end, because it took so long to put on, I didn’t wear it as much as I wanted to.

    “It would be boiling hot — I got really sweaty and my boobs were coming off.”

    While Lily has admitted at times she found it hard to shake her impression of Pamela’s voice off-screen, she has taken a leaf – or two – out of the 54-year-old actor’s books by wearing a blonde wig, and her love for a manicure.

    “I bought myself a blond wig and I wore it out and about. I was going to CVS in my blonde wig.

    “I still wear my long nails. They stayed.”

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