Mary Mouser on Her Favorite Season of Cobra Kai Yet

You have been working on this show for over four years now. What has been the most rewarding part of working on Cobra Kai?

It’s impacted my life in so many positive ways beyond what I could have ever expected. I love my job, but with this [show] in particular, I’ve gotten to change a lot as a person and learn what I’m capable of. I think that’s really what it comes down to. It was so fun seeing last season come to fruition because I really got to see what I personally am capable of tackling, and as much as this is technically my job, it’s also so many other parts of my life. It’s also my diary. It’s a scrapbook. It’s all these different pieces of watching my life unfold. And the people I get to work with are so incredible, and I genuinely mean that. Having this many amazing people in one cast just blows my mind. I’m learning life lessons, and I’m really pushing to change myself in positive ways. Career-wise, I’m learning from such talented actors. And then obviously, the heart of it, for me, is the martial arts aspect. This is something I never thought I would be remotely capable of, but now, I can consider myself an actual martial artist. The fact that I actually spend hours and months and years of my life training this is just crazy to me. I’m so grateful. 

You have been working with stylist Laura Sophie Cox, and looking at her portfolio, she is someone who clearly loves to play with color and prints. What do you enjoy about working with her, and how has she influenced your personal style choices?

What’s funny is I am always in head-to-toe black. That is my uniform. But that’s mostly because I’ve never known how to dress myself. I’ve loved working with Laura because she’s influenced my personal style in my off time. It’s really fun. I’ve started to learn what I love, and I’ve realized—specifically now—my style is masculine influenced with a tougher, edgier vibe. I always thought that meant I had to go dark to convey that, and she’s found this really fun way of playing with color and prints but having that edgier, wilder energy brought to the surface. It’s really fun. I feel like I am a novice, and she’s teaching me. 

Is there an item you are particularly obsessed with right now?

My thing right now is layering. Since playing with harder edges in terms of wearing suits and things like that, I am really enjoying a more masculine style of layering and that kind of thing. So I’m doing turtlenecks with T-shirts over them or doing a tank top over a T-shirt over a long sleeve. It’s a little bit early 2000s, but I’m feeling the more Goth side of me is influencing my pre-teen layering phase. I’m also super into jewelry. I really love rings, and I have seven ear piercings.   

I should also say that you will never not catch me in my Doc Martens. That is my number one style piece that I build every outfit around. I listen to metal music and emo music, so that’s where I feel like a lot of my style influences come from. It’s fun to now get to play with elements of that and softening it up with the girlier prints and stuff like that. 

To wrap things up, what are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I’m not trying to go dark, but this has been my overall challenge for myself for 2021, and it will be for 2022 as well: I am trying to embrace, get used to, and love gray areas in life. I feel most comfortable in strictly black-and-white environments, and it’s always been a thing. I just want a straight answer. Just give me a yes or no on it. So I am trying to exist in the maybes and really embrace it. Other than that, I have always been a notoriously picky eater, so I am trying to challenge myself, and my big goal is to just try stuff that I would have never eaten before. 

Cobra Kai is now streaming on Netflix. 

Photographer: David Katzinger

Stylist: Laura Sophie Cox with A-Frame Agency 

Fashion Assistant: Brit Jardin 

Hairstylist: Kat Thompson

Makeup Artist: Courtney Hart

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