Megababe Thigh Rescue Review: Best Chafing Sticks 2021

Ah, summer: fresh-cut grass tickling bare feet; beach days with a rolling ocean breeze; scoops of ice cream melting in the sun; a blistery burning between sweaty thighs. On hot-as-heck days when pants must be swapped for shorts, skirts, or dresses, the monster named Thigh Chafe rears its ugly head. For the blissfully unaware, thigh chafing is painful skin-irritating friction caused by your between-the-leg-soft-spots rubbing together. It’s a situation that’s exacerbated by two main factors: the type of clothing worn or, in this case, not worn and how much you sweat. I happen to have something called hyperhidrosis (in layman’s terms, I sweat profusely) so that burning sandpapery feeling is a year-round threat that crescendos during the months of June, July, and August.

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