Reviewed: Merit’s New Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick

Not to get too kitschy on you, but whenever I’m shopping for a new lipstick—preferably, perfection in a tube that will become my fail-safe signature—I feel akin to the bumbling Grand Duke in Cinderella circa 1950, desperately flying all over town trying to find the perfect fit, sweating whilst trying to convince myself that the not-right lipstick will actually do just fine (it won’t), and eventually giving up and succumbing to exhaustion. Sound familiar?

Finding your ultimate signature lipstick is hard with a capital H. After all, there is so much to consider! There’s the shade and undertone, of course, but then there’s also the finish, wear, price tag, and ingredients to consider. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack or, if I’m staying on-theme here, Cinderella’s foot for an impossibly temperamental glass slipper—an adventure, to say the least. But after years (and years) of trying hundreds of lipsticks, I’ve finally found the perfect fit, and if the raving reviews of my fellow beauty editors are any indicator, I think you have too.

Enter Merit’s first new product since the brand’s launch in January of 2021, The Signature Lip—a dreamy, featherlight lipstick inspired by the grand success of the brand’s OG lip hero, Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil ($24), which, fun fact, currently holds the crown as the number one clean lip gloss at Sephora.

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