Saie Beauty’s 13 Best Products, Hands Down

As you might imagine, I follow a lot of beauty editors on Instagram. A few years ago, I started seeing editor after editor post about one makeup brand in particular—Saie Beauty. I was immediately intrigued. Once I see a bunch of beauty editors posting about a brand, I know it’s the real deal. I got my hands on the first Saie beauty launches, and from there, it’s history. I was immediately smitten with the brand. 

Saie is a high-performing makeup brand that prioritizes sustainable packaging and good for your skin ingredients. It’s clean makeup that really works, which can be hard to come by. I find myself reaching for Saie products on a near daily basis. When I want a dewy skin tint, I reach for their Slip Tint, and their blushes are so pigmented and dreamy that they work for nearly every occasion. 

Below, I’ve rounded up the best Saie products to try. You can take my word for it, but I enlisted the help of Saie’s resident makeup artist, Stevie Rose for her favorite hero products and application tips. 

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