Save 70% on Victoria Beckham’s go-to skincare device

RÉDUIT first caught our attention when their futuristic devices were debuted backstage at Victoria Beckham’s SS21 London Fashion Week show. VB selected the brands ‘Gold Device’ for the showcase of the brand’s world-first technology which mists either skin or hair care formulas evenly onto your face or hair helping the formula to penetrate deeper into your epidermis or follicles.

Designed to super-charge your skin and hair care routines their brand new offering, The Boost, works in tandem with your existing skincare routine. Unlike previous models which required RÉDUIT ‘skinpods’ and ‘hairpods’ the Boost elevates your usual beauty routine with advanced technology that helps products and treatments to absorb deeper and faster. The Boost and its accompanying app enable users to customise their favourite products to ensure your skin receives the actives it needs most by applying it in a way that provides four times more absorption than your fingers alone.

Not all actives are effective on the same layer of your skin so the RÉDUIT algorithm uses your skin profile to create a bespoke ritual specifically for your skin needs and type. Through identifying the active ingredients present in the skincare products and tailors a unique “waveform” to push the right ingredients into the skin at the required depth. Dialling up the results of your products through the application of the product means that a £20 face cream can actually be as effective as a £200 one due to The Boost amplifying the level of absorption. Combining LED light technology that automatically matches the colour that best complements your favourite skincare product for a tailored, at-home LED treatment.

Available from March with an incredible 70% discount The Boost is just $45 or £33.78.

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