Siemens Digital and UMC co-develop BCD PDKs

The PDKs are optimised for Siemens EDA’s Tanner custom design flow software.

Siemens’ custom IC design kits built using its Tanner software are now available for UMC’s BCD processes. The foundry’s 110-nm and 180-nm BCD platforms aim to provide best-in-class chip design kits and integrated product solutions for applications requiring power management ICs (PMICs), battery management ICs (BMICs) and wireless and fast charging ICs.

BCD technology delivers power IC designs of up to 100V operating voltage, enabling exceptional energy efficiency and high integration that combines analog circuits and digital content as well as power devices and embedded NVMs.

Siemens‘ Tanner software features a schematic and layout editor and integration with circuit simulators and Calibre  software for design rule checking, parasitic extraction and physical verification.

For more information on UMC’s BCD technology,  visit UMC’s website:


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