Smile Makers just launched The Artist, a first-of-its-kind sex toy

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  • Run, don’t walk.

    Like the sound of a first-of-its-kind sex toy guaranteed to enhance clitoral pleasure? Well, then, you’re in the right place, as today, Smile Makers have launched just the gadget.

    The world-first dual vibrator was designed after a survey by the brand found that 73% of female sex toy users prefer double stimulation and 60% clitoral stimulation. (Don’t miss our round up of the best sex toys and best vibrators, here).

    Named The Artist, the toy is the first ever vibrator to have not one, but two premium and highly powerful motors – unlike other similar toys which tend to feature just the one narrow stimulator. Basically, it’s promising a pretttty good climax.

    Introducing The Artist: the first-of-its-kind sex toy from Smile Makers

    Keen to know how it’s so special apart from the dual motor detail? The toy’s head is more shapely than other slimmer sex toys, meaning you’ve got a lot more surface area to pleasure yourself with. Specifically, it was designed to stimulate more nerve endings and even further enhance clitoral pleasure – which sounds pretty good to us.

    Fun fact: the toy can be controlled totally independently by the user – oh yep – and, not only are both settings adjustable, but the toy is also smart enough to let you save your preferences. No fiddling around to get to the right setting next time you’re in the mood for some solo fun, here.

    Not just that, but nifty squeeze sensors on either side of the toy actually mean you can fine-tune the intensity of the vibration rather than relying on presets. Neat.

    Other need-to-knows: it’s quiet, waterproof, and rechargeable, and comes with an easy to read how-to leaflet not only explaining the toy but the basics of the female anatomy, too.

    The Artist – £119.25, Smile Makers

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    The launch marks a brand shift for Smile Makers, who are championing individuality of sexual experience rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

    Cecile Gasnault, brand director of Smile Makers, said to Marie Claire UK: “We’ve spent the first 10 years of our journey normalising the perception of female sexuality and we have brought that conversation to a wider audience.”

    “What strikes us in these discussions is how the bar that we set for our sex-pectations is both low (no pain = good sex !?) and standardised: sex = a physical stimulation of the genitals with a partner in the pursuit of orgasm.”

    “This is a very limiting approach to sex and pleasure, and it is holding us back from shaping our sexual experiences based on our own personal desires and preferences rather than what we deem “normal”. On the foundation on consent, all sexual expression is valid and worth exploring.”

    “This is why we want to focus our work on inspiring vulva owners to set their own standards for good sex. This guides both our educational content and our product offering and The Artist embodies our mission perfectly.”

    “With The Artist, we invite users to design the pleasure experience they want, through UI/UX, ergonomics and technology. They can finely adjust the intensity of the vibration mode by intuitively squeezing sensors on the handles rather than flipping through pre-set levels. Additionally, they can flip through 9 pulsating effects that create feelings of movement.”

    “An exciting feature is that they can control the internal and external heads independently, choosing from 4 different modes for the two heads. The intention of giving the option to control the 2 heads independently while limiting the number of modes for the 2 heads to 4 is to broaden the options without making it so overwhelming that the user just gives up on exploring this creative feature. And lastly, the angle between the two heads can be adjusted to create an intimate fit.”

    So – what are you waiting for?

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