The 12 Best Warm Floral Perfumes in 2022

Even in the midst of winter, I still find myself yearning for a little sunshine, a warm breeze, and, most importantly, the smell of fresh flowers on a daily basis. (I’m a born-and-raised California girl if you couldn’t tell.) Although I’m fully aware that we don’t experience a true winter here in Los Angeles, it can still get chilly enough not to want to venture outside for a casual stroll. Because this is actually one of my favorite things to do, I guess instead I’ll just bust out one of my favorite warm floral fragrances to pretend that I am.

Spritzing on one of these scents makes me feel light, refreshed, and invigorated on any given day. So of course, since I knew I wasn’t the only one, I enlisted the help of my fellow editors to hone in on the best ones. We’ve come to the consensus that everyone deserves at least one. If you’re a fan of the heat and radiance such a scent can bring, scroll through below for the best warm floral perfumes, as decided by our editors.

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