The 23 Best Designer Apple Watch Bands in 2022



In the year 2022, it pretty much goes without saying that we’re attached to our tech. From our smartphones to our AirPods, these devices have become literal extensions of our outfits, and accessorizing them with designer cases has become the new (and much more affordable) way to give our wardrobes a luxury upgrade. That brings us to the Apple Watch. Considering that we wear them on our wrists 24/7, it should come as no surprise that our favorite designers and brands have started to put their own spin on the bands.

From braided leather and speckled acetate to sleek metal bands that double as fine jewelry, the options are pretty endless for giving your smartwatch the designer treatment. We scrolled through our favorite sites to find the best designer Apple Watch bands that money can buy and compiled a list of our 23 favorites below. With options from Hermès and Off-White, your wrist is about to look way cooler. 

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