The 23 Best Ribbed Knit Tops That Are Ageless and Versatile

Ribbed knitwear, as opposed to any other kind of knitwear, will almost always look expensive. Whether you spend $10 or $100 on a ribbed piece, the texture will have the same luxurious quality. And ribbing makes any top—be it a standard ribbed tee, a little cardigan, or a ribbed turtleneck—appear more elevated than the non-textured versions next to it.

While ribbing is nothing new, it’s been popping up more and more recently (especially in previously uncharted territories), which has led me to this realization. We’ve shared how ribbed knitwear is a growing loungewear trend that’s well suited to our new WFH lifestyle, but right now, I’d like to highlight ribbed tops, specifically, for their versatility, elevated nature, and forward vibe.

To show you what I mean, I’m shopping all of the best ribbed tops on the market right now—23, to be exact. I’m also sharing my favorite styling ideas so you can get on board with this growing trend while it’s taking off.

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