The 25 Best Skirts on Amazon in Every Style

‘Tis always the season for skirts. A brief anecdote: I relocated to a new city this past year. Like many New Yorkers, I moved down South to Miami, and with that, I found that my style drastically changed. The point of my story? The transformation of my wardrobe forced me to heavily reflect on what was actually changing. And, perhaps the most significant shift taking place in my closet was replacing my beloved denim collection of over 75 pairs of jeans (excessive, I know—but I was obsessed) with skirts. 

In New York, I rarely wore skirts. And if I did, it was always some sort of pencil skirt that was easy to pair with boots for fall layering (example below). Then, as I adjusted to my Miami lifestyle, I found myself gravitating toward a new, diverse range of skirts. I was trying everything—and loving it.

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