The 29 Most Useful Items I’ve Bought From Target and Amazon

Prior to the pandemic, I was certainly an avid Amazon shopper, but my orders significantly increased when my trips out in public decreased. While my schedule is back to normal for the most part, there are a few changes I made early in the pandemic that I’ve kept. One is ordering lots of my everyday items on Amazon as opposed to taking the time to run around to different stores. The other is placing my Target orders through its app and utilizing curbside pickup. This also makes it easier to go back and reorder any items I’ve previously ordered from these two essential retailers.

We’re not very deep into 2022 yet, but I already have plenty of times in my Target and Amazon order history. Some of my orders were a bit frivolous but others contained some very useful items that I’m not sure what I did before owning them. Scroll to shop some of those items for yourself, some of which might change your life (or at least make it a little easier).

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