The 5 Best Hair-Lightening Sprays Money Can Buy

However, the past is the past, and today, hair-lightening sprays are different. They’re much more subtle and much less damaging. That’s according to Justin Toves-Vincilione, Hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept Advocate. “When we think of traditional hair-lightening sprays we tend to think way back to lemon water, hydrogen peroxide, and sunbathing,” he says. “Fortunately, hair-lightening sprays have come a long way since then and there are some pretty solid options available.” 

 So, what are these options? Well, as opposed to the “damaging and unpredictable” products of yesteryear, “these days, hair-lightening sprays include a more well-balanced formulation of lightening agents and moisturizers and can be safe for daily use.” Keep scrolling to learn more about modern hair-lightening sprays, including who they’re best suited for, how to use them to achieve the best result, and which products are worth your hard-earned money.

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