The 8 Most-Used Beauty Products on the Season 2 Euphoria Set

It’s no secret here that we love (and sometimes hate) Euphoria. The gritty drama may follow the lives of teenagers, but as I’m sure you all know, it’s far from a kid’s show. Sometimes, the raw subject matters explored within its world bring me so much sadness, I feel like I’m fully living it along with the characters. But it’s not all doom and gloom—we’re here to explore the lighter artistic elements of the show today. Season two did not come to play, and neither did the stunning makeup looks created by the show’s incredible makeup team and lead artist, Doniella Davy

With this season’s darker subject matter and cinematic aesthetic, the makeup needed to become less rainbowy,” Davy shares. “I love all of the quintessential season one elements—glitter, rhinestones, bold colors, graphic shapes, etc. I wanted to continue that exploration during season two, but I didn’t want to repeat myself or try to outdo myself by going bigger or bolder than season one. There are moments of bold color and some of no color, moments of sharp-as-a-knife winged liner, and moments of free-form eye paintings. I swapped the chunkier glitter and neon moments for a finer grain glitter and vivid jewel tones. I also used tiny iridescent rhinestones to serve that cinematic twinkle that we live for.”

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